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Name: Unbalance (78.33% in 12 votes)
Type: NVL
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Cherry Soft
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Orochi

Alright, This is my first purchased from Cherry Soft. I knew nothing about this company beforehand, it was only by chance that I stumbled on some sample CGs that I decide to give it a try. For my first game by Cherry Soft, this isn't too bad except that they can improve on the story a bit.

The story revolves round a rich man's son, which is you in the game of course, whose wife, Misato, had died a year earlier in a traffic accident. But since he and his wife had been together since kindergaten and it seems that she was the only person that he trust and open up too. After her death, the main character can only indulge himself in drinking. By chance, Misato's little sister, Mika, had a crush on him and one spring night, she could not stand to look at the main chara wasting his life away by drinking, so she confess her love to him in hope of taking over Misato's place in the main chara's life. What happen next is a bed scene with Mika and she sort of becomes the main chara's sex slave when the main story open six months later,but it seems that the main chara have not gotten over the death of Misato and he's quite bitter about it...

That basically sums up the prologue of the game,the main story involves the main chara's father sending him to work undercover as a waiter in a resturant to spy on a rival company, Mika sort of tag along and then he met 2 other waitresses...

Plays like any other visual novel, except that this one gives you hint on what to expect when you make a choice in the game. There is a "kichiku" point system in the game in which you will score depending on the choices you make and will affect the ending you get.

Total of 12 BGM in Soundtrack, nothing too impressive when you compare the music to those of Kanon/One/To Heart etc. But what make this game stand out is the excellent voice actings. Everyone had voices in the game except for the main chara. The only sound in this Visual Novel is in the H scene, which I will not elaborate for decency purposes.

For a relatively unknown company (to me). This once sports arts rivaling other majour companies.The standard of the art have me glued to watching Cherry Soft for any releases for the future.

This game reminds me of a similar game, Elf's Aishimai, as it keeps going from one H scene to another. Yes, H Scene is in over abundance here, especially those with Mika. Story is kinda weak as it seem to focus on the main character trying to vent his frustartion over the loss of Misato by having sex with the female charas in the game. There is some side story for the female charas but it's all something we had all seen in previous visual novel releases. If you those who prefer sex over story in a movie, game, etc, get this game, otherwise get Key's AIR.

The intereseting point about this release is that there is a narration of what the story is about in the begining of the game spoken out in English which is kind of interesting to me, so I just point this fact out. Wish they can improve on the grammar and vocabulary on that narration though.

Great looking visual novel with full voice acting and an average story with lots of sex in it.

Recommended For
People who prefer great looking sex over story in bishoujo game.

Final Note
Skip this release if you are not those who I recommend the game to,get AIR instead.
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