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Name: Sentimental Graffiti 2 (72.78% in 18 votes)
Type: SIM
Company: Nec InterChannel
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

Wai! Finally the much-awaited Game of the year is in my hands! After hearing endless pushing dates I almost gave up on this baby! Yes people! Sentimental Graffiti 2 DC is finally out.

Brief history on import Dating Sims
Dating Sims has been on the market for god-knows-how-long-it-was. The major ones are Tokimemo series and Sentimental series. Tokimemo blasted to the lead with the release of Tokimemo 2 (PSX). Inter Channel didn't want to be left back so Sentimental Graffiti 2 (DC) was sketched up. After missing the release date back in April (I was in Japan that month trying to get a copy but what I got was a big delay instead of package labeled SG2).

So what’s a Dating Sims anyways?
It’s...a dating game. Where you, the main character is thrown in with a bunch of girls and a limited life spawn. Your job is to, confess to a girl and see if she accepts your offer and you happily become girl friend and boy friend. "Gee that sounds like easy stuff. Why making a fuss about it" Well thing is in Asia countries becoming gf and bf is quite a big deal. It’s not like western/euro sides where it’s as simple as drinking tea. It’s a lot more serious than that. And for those who really want to experience it first hand but don't have to chance to meet someone or go out of country, try this Dating Sims out. Moving on.

Sentimental Graffiti 2 is a bit different from the first series. The first series you dated. In 2, you as a college student have a separate objective. To find a model(gf) for a photography project. Your actions are a lot more limited from 1. Your places to be, times to spend, and people to talk is limited as well. Despite all the limits the game is still very fun to play. (The complain list goes on and on and on)

Story 9/10
Well yes, it’s still about bf/gf. And no, it’s not an H game. Depending which girl are you after you will get a different ending and different story. Its quite exciting how you don't know which girl you will run in and what ending you gona get. But the start point of the story is quite odd. You are as a photo club member on the look out for models. This simple status turns almost all girls attitude for dislike (nigerou~~~) Basically on the first few days into the game everyone you run into will give you the finger and walk off.

Console 7/10
The game console is quite simple. You are either pressing yes or no buttons or walking around town randomly hitting on girls. The arrow system that tells you if there is an event is quite nifty. Make sure you explore all possible arrows before making a choice on which event to attend to. The all-new ZOOM capability is an all time high. You can zoom on the girls that you are talking to.

Graphic 9/10
Lets all say, "wow". A+ Graphic for sure. Every figure is carefully drawn to the detail. So if you zoom you can see anything that you want to see...

Sound 8/10
The voice acting didn't impress me that much. It sounds a bit raw. Maybe its just me but they do sound kind of untrained (someone hit me with a list of VA or something) the music is not bad. But it’s nothing to get excited over.

Over all 9/10
With the combination of both story and graphic this sure is a killer game. Specially that indescribable feeling that you get when you achieve a happy ending...
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