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Name: Time Stripper Mako (58.13% in 16 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Foster Software, published by Otaku Publishing Ltd
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: PhoT3K

"Shinji Nakayama's in trouble. Trouble with his girlfriend, trouble with all his other women. he's always late for work. He's always skipping classes. He's got to book the entertainment for the weekend concert, and it's the most important decision of his life. It's not just his chance to win a bet with the snooty homecoming queen, it could be his last chance to hook up with the love of his life."

The story is strangely similiar to 'Terminator 2', a person from the future comes to our present day in order to stop some sort of disaster from occuring. You play a guy called Shinji Nakayama, and all of a sudden this girl from the future drops in on you (Mako Kazamatsuri), you find out she's here because a 'friend' of hers (Nonn) is also in this time zone trying to make sure that Mako was never born. The reason why Nonn is trying to kill off Mako is because she's a rival for a guy that both of them like. There are plenty of humorous elements in the game and although the story isn't something, it's really wacky at times.

H Content:
Sometimes all of a sudden there are H-scenes for no apparent reason, or as far as I know. There are quite a few and there are some really, REALLY wierd ones, right after someone uses a "hormone changer", ah, get my drift. The quality seems to be very low, and it's safe to say that even 3 Sister's Story had better ones. The reason for this is probably because this is an old game.

Very low quality, and the girls look sorta so-so, except for that pop singer but other than that the game seems very outdated.

The funny thing about this game is that even though you have very few voices, you can't actually choose some of them, for instance, you are given a choice to go outside or stay home (just an example), if you choose go outside, you proceed to do so. However, if you choose to stay home, your character will make some remark like "it's not a good idea, I'd better go outside" and keep repeating this until you actually choose the other option.

Rating: 56%
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