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Name: Custom Mate 3 (91.11% in 27 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Fairy Tale
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Tabris

One night going home, you see a place called Custom Mate. Wondering what the store is, you walk in. In front of you appears this girl. You soon find out that this store is just like the name "custom mate". You can customize your mate. You choose what kind of girl you like: her hairstyle, her figure and even her "experience". You and your mate gets married and thus starts your life being married…

Story: 85%
There is not much story here other than you pick what you are going to do with your wife. This game is a chose your own adventure type of game where you can decide on a whole bunch of things in daily life. Many decisions can affect your life and accordingly your wife. There are several endings in this game such as losing your wife and so on… Also decisions on sex and making out when can make your wife hates you so be careful on your choices. What is interesting about the game is that you can pick lying to your wife and how hard you work in the office.

H Content: 100%
This game have a lot of H scenes, and as you and your wife gets more experienced, the positions and skills will also improve. Also, you can go to nightclubs and while sleeping with your wife, you have many fantasies that I think is uncalled for.

Graphics: 66%
I think the graphics in this game is not as good as many games that came out on windows. The programmers did not take advantage of the 256 colors and all the graphics appears to be only in dos color. But this is my opinion because I mostly play Window95 games now.

Sound: 60%
The sound works, but I am not really intrigued by the sound quality and changes in the background music. To tell the truth, I would rather be playing my mp3 collection than listen to the game's music.

System/Setup: 80%
The system requires Japanese fonts to play the game so for most regular window user this is a disadvantage. The game setup is overall not bad. Like Princess Maker, the game is a bring-up type of game where you have status categories and love points. To many gamers who are not familiar with this type of gaming, the bring-up status affects the game out-come and what happens during the game.

Gameplay: 85%
This is certainly a change in the game of "dating" the girl and pick which one you like the most. In this game, you have to try and remain faithful and juggle your jobs and friends that tries to ruin you in the game as well. For many H- gamers, I think it is difficult for them to be faithful but this game's selling point is exactly one man one wife and the struggle to keep it that way.

Rating: 78%
I think that the new way of game style and the way that you have to remain faithful is a new way of approaching games. For all the people who are bored of saying too many girls too little time, well your in for your match to try and keep one girl through the times.

New game style, new approach. Yet, the part I liked the most is the beginning where you chose the girl you have in mind. If you are bored of the Doukyusei or AVG type games this is certainly a game you can't miss.
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