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Name: Dousei (85.00% in 2 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Tactics
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: M.H.

Story: 90%
The game begins with a pretty short prologue: One day, Masaki and Manami(default names) bumped into each other. As it was guided by destiny, they knew each other in that tiny accident and falled into love. Although all things did not go so smoothly, they still managed to keep their relationship. Then after graduation they decided start their new life together. You can learn more details from their conversation in the game.

H Content: 95%
This game got tons of H-scenes. If you choose to make love with her every night then she becomes lascivious and will provide you with more variety of "services"; You can have sex with her in the kitchen, ask her to role play slave etc.

Graphics: 70%
To me the overall graphics is not impressive: the game uses low quality photos combined with harsh drawings. Perhaps the artist/designer is still new or inexperient.

Gameplay: 85%
The game is not so easy if you intend to extract as much H-pic as possible. Every day 2000 yen will be deducted and each month 70000 yen is gone for renting the apartment. The game is over right away if you go bankrupted. If you choose the high-pay job then your HP drops so quick that you won't have the strength to make any love. In this game you can't save it anytime, and I don't like it; you can only save it when the day is Sunday.

Sound: 80%
I used midi output so the quality of music really depends on the midi hardware. In my case, (my midi board is Yamaha DB50XG) the music is quite good, but there aren't many varieties; only two or three songs during game play.

Rating: 81%
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