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Name: Saint Elemiya Gakuen (Elemiya) (53.33% in 9 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Lunar Soft
Release date: 1993
Reviewed by: Rukun

In the past couple of weeks, 5 students attending St. Elemiya catholic school for ladies (my interpretation, I don't know if this really is a catholic school) has died a mysterious death. Because of the nature of this case, the government decides to send the best to investigate the case, and they send you, along with your unwilling partner. And the two of you manage to infiltrate St. Elemiya to face a very strange situation... (You know, with this cool overview, You'd think this game would be cool or something.)

Story: 2/20
Besides the fact that Elemiya sucks in both H-content and gameplay, it takes one step further by giving me the most boring thing ever to be processed by Win95. I'd rather go reinstall DirectX.

There aren't any tension, decent build-up, or for that fact I didn't know where the game's climax started or ended. The game just died like my old Moped, when it's engine stopped moving and slowly came to a halt in the middle of the street. The least it could have done was do something shocking like my muffler that fell off in a four lane street. And I sincerely cannot believe people would buy anything like this. I mean, do you know how many H-games have taken place in a God Damn, Ladies Only School? It's like a bad doom clone, it's unoriginal and sucks at the same time.

H Content: 1/20
This game features the use of animation and interactive icons during its H-scenes. Now that I've gotten that over with, let me tell you what animation and interactive icons are defined as in this game.

First off, if you are expecting to see the sights that would dazzle you in your favorite OAV's, put a bullet in your head and you'll probably enjoy that more. The animation in this game are CRAPPY. These animation makes you appreciate the quality animation that DISNEY cranks out. I mean, these are far from quality animation. Hell, they don't even have a quantity to make up for it. And to add insult to injury, I've made better animation. I've taken a multimedia course and animated a stickman (figures) that moves smoother and looks more entertaining then Elemiya could ever provide.

And the interactive icon thing... a clear rip off from one of elf's earlier games featuring a same feature (only elf did it better). The reactions that you get from these icons are bland and you must search for the place where you will actually get a reaction. I spent several minutes clicking and finally stumbled upon the arm only to get an reaction like "Why are you touching my arm? I don't know, must be like a design flaw." Oh ha ha ha, right click, left click on delete, good BYE!!

Graphics: 2/20
The graphics in this game are all drawn in bit-map, and very poorly drawn at that. The Graphics in this game are simply laughable. The background's are all horrendous, so are the character's, and animation, as I mentioned above, is pathetic. None of the graphics is shown in full-screen, (but then again, why would you want to?) and most of the time, you are restricted to a small window space.

Sound: 1/10
I gave this section an extra point because I actually got some sound from a game. Since who ever posted this game didn't shave any of the WAV files, I got the brunt of all the sound effects. But I am being nice here, the sounds in Elemiya, like the story is bland and quite frankly VERY annoying. I wish I could turn off the damn click sound I would get every time I clicked on something. As for other sound effects, the best one was the opening the door sound. The rest are... well there aren't any other ones, just couple of other S.E. that gets old VERY quick. Oh and the "Cumming" Sound was a nice touch... and even more reason for me to get rid of this game.

As far as music goes, it never did run. Must be something wrong with the game. No matter, you can always turn on the MIDI files within the game manually. But then again, I'd rather pull out my speakers then listen to Elemiya's music.

System: 0/20
As far as the save system goes, you can save any time you want, but you'll load to the "beginning" of a scene , so there's no point in saving unless you just moved off into the next scene.

The dialog and all the line you and the rest of the characters come up with are bland and are accompanied with an annoying *click* that was mentioned earlier, but are also hard to read because the dialog window box has a WEIRD backdrop that makes it hard to see the lines.

Gameplay: 2/20
The usual slew of adventure games really aren't sources of gameplay. They are usually supposed to give you a really good story and maybe more if the game is cool.

Unfortunately, this game doesn't really provide a good story (see story rating) or good game play. It's just a matter of clicking all over the place so you can tell the computer that you've done all you can do so you can go to the next scene. And this is frustrating at best, if not a reason to ship it to your garbage box all together.

Extras: 2/10
There apparently is a review H-mode built in, but my copy of the game never ran this properly. I only got to view some of them (to my relief). As far as a CG-Mode, there isn't any. Of course, you can always open up the bit-map files but since that isn't part of the system, I guess I can't really give points for it. I think there was also a music mode but I don't wanna go back to check. You waste your time and find that out.

Rating: 12%
This game is going right off my HD as soon as I'm done writing the review. And my suggestion to you is to stay away from this game as much as possible. Downloading Elemiya is a waste of time.
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