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Name: Prism Heart (55.00% in 6 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Pajamas Soft
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Gastalt

This game is the first release from a company called Pajamas Soft. I was glad to see another real simulation with great art get produced. The character work is by one of my favorite artists Oono Tetsuya. (Artist of Mei-King)

The Story starts off with the main character returning to his hometown of Pinwheel. The hero will have to train hard in order to win the final tournament at the end of one year. Sorry I'm not good at Japanese so I am limited with the story line description.

You start off pretty weak at first, so your gonna have to work really hard to get stronger. There are 14 Different styles of the training (Character sprites change) that you will see as the hero progresses. You will be able to train with the girls if they like you enough. There are three basic skills that he will need to learn; Fencing training, Chivalry training, and Physical strength training. Of course if you go for the Physical Training, the Chivalry will go down. So, I guess you will need to carefully decide what kind of results you want. ^_^ After the basic training stats get high enough you can use the special level-up commands; Tough- UP, Earliness- UP, Strength- UP, etc... Theres also an option to take naps all week ^_^;; The tournaments are held at the end of each month and the game lasts one year. You will fight 3 or 4 rounds with knights and even some of the girl characters will challenge you.

During your stay in Pinwheel you will meet eight girls; Princea, Komet, Ina, Kamina, Echo, Ange, Maple and Ahnya. Princea looks to be just a tough looking fighter, and childhood friend at first, but she is really someone more important. Komet is the klutzy very cute maid who works at the inn that the hero stays in, she's friendly and loves to make people happy. I've noticed that Komet is also a bit of a "service maid". Ina...a girl from the east whose a bit snobbish. Kamina is a Shrine Maiden who has had a lonely life; it seems she lost her parents at a young age. Echo is the older lady of the inn, very cheerful. Ange is the nurse who patches you up after an unsuccessful tournament ^_^;; Maple is suspected to be the main characters younger sister who is a bit of a worrywart and baby's the hero all the time. Ahnya, the cat girl you meet in the forest...she's a bit shy at first so you wont see her much in the beginning of the game. During the weekends you can choose to take one of the girls out on dates to various parts of the city. The more often you take a girl out, the more you will see events with her. There are also Miscellaneous annoying characters that you encounter (mostly the other male characters ^_^;;)

The art in this game is just beautiful, the backgrounds, character sprites and CG are very well done! Theres even an option to see the vivid facial expressions of each female character in the omake mode. Some of which are extremely amusing ^_^. Like always Tetsuya draws cute girls..esp Maple and Komet! And the clothing styles are detailed and unique as well.

Music/Sound/Voice Acting:
Most of the music in the game is impressive and matches the characters, and mood well. The opening theme, Heart of Pinwheel is my favorite! Sounds in the game are mostly sword strikes and element sounds of wind etc...Sounds in the game are realistic, which brings the game to life. All of the characters except the hero have full voice acting. I was surprised that they finally considered giving male characters voices. (which also makes this game a HD killer at 901mb!!) The voice data install is optional. During the tournament the challengers you fight will speak a bit as well. The girls voice actresses are great. Komet has a very cutesy squeaky voice. This makes her a bit annoying but cute at the same time. Also the cat girl Ahnya, will only say Ahnya over and over in a cute cat voice. ^_^

This is a great raising game, and has a nice amount of replay value. I recommend this game to people who like raising simulation games with very little text choices, and cute cute girls!!!...but want something romantic, not smutty.
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