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Name: Fermion (71.25% in 16 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: DOS
Company: Silky
Release date: 1994
Reviewed by: Rukun

The future isn't so bright. Pollution has severely weakened Earth and all of it's children, including humankind. Human DNA is too weak to reproduce itself and scientists are desperately trying to revive the human DNA. But every attempt fails, even the desperate attempt to fuse Human and Animal DNA turns out to create mutants that run amok.

Everything seems hopeless. But suddenly, scientists detect a space-time displacement (Forgive me, my SF knowledge isn't too keen.), a gap in time. The gap will hold for a couple of days, and during which people may be sent through time.

Your mission as a Half-Human, Half-Feline, mutant-hunter Conny, is to back in time to the present (the late 20th century) and recover samples of healthy human DNA. Samples you choose to collect are up to you. The method of collecting? That's classified. (If you must know, check the H-content section.)

Story: 60%
Time travel, it's the cliché of Science Fiction stories. I really am not expecting any good story but come on!! Time travel doesn't make sense in H-games. An if there was any good story, it was ruined by all the unnecessary sex (which is why most of us play the game...) The least they could have done with this dying formula was to make it interesting or slightly convincing, but no *sigh*, we are stuck with some B-story. Most of the story doesn't make sense and haven't these people heard of something called a Time Paradox!?

To save face, I'll say that the ending was kinda interesting. Even if I was expecting it, the whole execution of the dramatic finale was pretty interesting. Now I wonder what the sequel is gonna be like... (Play the game and see what I'm talking about.)

H Content: 92%
As usual, Silky's has a nice, long, and plentiful H-content within their games. Although I can't understand why DNA must be collected through sexual intercourse, I usually leave my rational thought in the car when I play H-games so I didn't mind too much.

There is one thing I must mention though. The existence of males in this game is NIL. This is a lesbian H-game, and the opposite sex is restricted out of the programming lines. This explains why the game is called Fermion (Femininity?).

Now as far as the lesbian H-scenes go, they are pretty good. Anybody who prefers lesbians (or is an lesbian) should most definitely check this one out. To the rest of us, watching lesbians do their thing is fine for the first couple of times, but will really get old after a while. Variations aren't too plentiful in this game.

Graphics: 84%
Even with 16-colors, a lot of artists can make the graphics look very, very pretty. Even though none of the graphics are in full screen, they'll get the job done.

One fine use of graphics in Fermion is the use of Frames. Frames are used in this game to give pictures motion. Even though animation is more abundant in games these days, I kinda like this frame things. Plus, you get to see a different shot while you are looking at another.

Sound: 50%
I listened to "Fluke" to see if Techno would go with the SF theme of the game. Didn't work. Still, I love "Atom Bomb" and "AMP". They are some bitchin Techno!!

System/Setup: 70%
Nothing interesting here, the standard functions of any AVD game. I will say that the save feature added on to this game was interesting. It gave you a brief summary of where you were at so you knew exactly where you were gonna load up to.

Gameplay: 50%
The ADV genre is an forte of Silky's. Even so, there is a limit to what you can do with an MCTC. The entire story flow of Fermion is completely linear. The occasional mutipath part is has no effect on the outcome of the story, you just get to see one H-scene and miss the other.

The only other part of interest are the "Air-Duct" scene where the game becomes a dungeon explorer. This might have worked, except half of the dungeon has no point other than to waster your time, the other half is merely an commuting you must accomplish to proceed with the story. Personally, it's more of a chore than game-play and I think Silky's should have cut that scene out all together.

Extras: 80%
Other then the usual view H-mode and CG mode, the game has two interesting features.

The first one is feature where you can change the name of most of the characters. The second is a cool feature where you can change the "terminology" within the game. Even though these are interesting features, they aren't that great because the default settings works better on most occasions, (especially the terminology) and since you play as a girl (who you can't change the name), you might not be drawn deeper if you change the name of other characters to your liking.

Rating: 69%
This isn't a really bad game. If lesbians are your things, this is your cup of coffee, no sugar, no cream, and Extra strong.
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