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Name: Flourite (70.00% in 1 votes)
Type: NVL
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Air Plants
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Joshua

This is the first game I have played by Air Plants and after playing Flourite, I am very impressed. Their next game to come out is called Dearest Vampire. I am looking forward to it. I believe, but I am not sure if I am correct on this, that Air Plants and the head artists are responsible for Heroine Dream 1 and 2, if you are familiar with those games. I believe they are available on the import Playstation.

Story: 100%
When you begin, time passes on with heroine...

The story is very appealing and mysterious, from what I have understood of it( I have yet to continue to learn Japanese completely). It revolves around a hotel, a strange glowing stone, the ghost of a young girl who is haunting the main character and there are six heroines. There is the "main" heroine named Kasumi who is the player's close friend/girlfriend; Maki, the flower shop girl who befriends you and Kasumi; Hiroko, the bar maid at the hotel bar; Sayaka, the little chef and Misuzu, the tormented waitress. The stories are all different depending on which paths and directions you take during the game. So the story is different, every time you play. All of the stories are appealing and somewhat surrealistic. I believe it is mainly a dark, erotic ghost story and the characters are interesting and touching as are the stories.

H Content: 95%
The hentai scenes in the game are very well drawn and very detailed. There is a darkly and ghostly erotic theme to the game and depending on if you are headed towards a good or a bad ending, the hentai scenes change from consensual to non-consensual sex(rape scenes) Overall, there is a good amount of hentai scenes in the game and they are very well done.

Graphics: 100%
I love the artwork, character design and backgrounds to this game. They really set the dark, haunting and erotic mood. Graphically, it is excellent. The colors are vibrant and rich with wonderful detail. I recommend any game by Air Plants.

Gameplay: 80%
The gameplay is very simplistic. This game is a digital novel adventure. You just choose your path and make decisions as the story unfolds. You can save your game at any time, so if you don't like the choice you made, you can easily go back. Overall, the game is easy to play and there are many, many different endings for all of the characters, both good and bad endings, and of course, there is only one "true" ending to the game, if you have made the right decisions. The game has much replay value to it and of course, if you know Japanese, you can enjoy all of the stories.

Sound: 100%
The game has a really enjoyable soundtrack and all of the music is CD music. There is an eclectic range of music which is all pleasing to hear. Each character has her own theme and overall, it is really well done. The music in the game definitely sets the mood for the game as well. Somtimes it is happy, then it is ominous, sad, mysterious and then it changes to sensual. What a variety! Simply excellent.

Extras: 50%
There are not many extras. There is an omake mode and you can view all of the scenes and endings you have obtained and there is also a music player as well. Nothing exciting, but it is, of course, a nice touch. There are some bonus pictures that you can view and use as wallpaper in the folders of the game as well.

Rating: 90%
I like Air Plants, and I really enjoyed Flourite. I will enjoy it more once I am fluent in Japanese. And I like the ghost story theme to the game as well. It is a nice touch and it is different from the mainstream hentai games. One more thing, they have terrific artwork in their games. I really recommend this game(if you like Digital Novels)

If you really get into the story of Flourite, the story of Misuzu is really quite melancholic and very depressing, yet her happy ending makes up for it. I just wish I could understand more! I like games where the characters stand out and have a lot of depth. I wonder if some people feel because it is a Hentai game, it is all sex. Flourite shows that you can have a very deep story and blend in sensuality and eroticism.
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