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Name: Fukusyuu (80.00% in 3 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Crowd
Release date: 1994
Reviewed by: PhantomX

You were embarrassed by 4 girls in front of the class. And now you decide it's time for a revenge. I think you guys know the rest? ^_^ Uhm should I call it a "Sweet Revenge"?

Story: 75%
You are a highschool student and were embarrassed in front of the class by 4 girls TWICE which one involve with another girl. Now you decide it's time for making a revenge and you have to choose a partner for additional help from a girl that was embarrassed with you or another guy who like to play hentai games (Sounds like someone around here?).. Not a bad story but I think it seem little bit silly.

H Content: 72%
The H-Scene is all the way in the story ,most of it is the revenge you made to four girls that embarrassed you in front of the class. And some with the girl that you selected to be partner (If you selected her). The H-Scene is ok but when compare to it's size (80mb+) and it runs on Windows 95.. I think it SHOULD be 256 colors or more than just 16 colors .

Graphics: 66%
The CGs are quite OK. It all in 16 color ,but I think they should have done better because of this game takes up a lot of space (Around 80mb). And when compare to other Windows 95 games.. it seem less .

Sound: 60%
Since it works ,I gave it 6 points. But I mostly played it with no sound (actually listened to radio or cd).

System/Setup: 80%
Even I run it on Japanese Windows 95 OSR 2 . I heard it can run on any version of Windows with program like NJWIN or Kanjiweb to show Japanese font. For me I have no problem install it just uncompress it and enjoy.

Gameplay: 50%
This game is no more than usual H-Adventure game. And I think it's very easy to beat it and that mean not much challange ( I should say it got NO challange ). But some people might find it hard to get it 100% CG until you selected bad ending. Replay value is low..

Extras: 60%
Not much to say it got CG view mode (I may give 0 to game that not have CG view mode ^_^). I can't remember if there is any Music mode or something like that..

Rating: 61%
This game is OK. But what annoying me is that it was popular called as "Crowd" which is game developer. It's real name is Fukusyuu. And if you have much time and have no game to play you might try this game cause it was upload for free download on the net.
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