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Name: Galactic Thieves Funny Bee (90.00% in 3 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Alicesoft
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Tabris

In the future, there are two infamous galactic thieves out having fun. Unfortunately, these two girls have a big problem because both the space pirates and the space police are hunting them. Thus begins your adventure of running away…

Story: 100%
Great Story! I really fell in love with the cuteness of the two characters and their hilarious adventures trying to escape the forces of "evil". Truly, in this game, everyone seems evil except the two cute main characters and the civilians. They made the police corrupted, and space pirates are even worst. Even though this story is similar to Robin Hood and a comic called Shadow Lady, I think the two thieves are really nicely portrayed throughout the whole story.

H Content: 78%
Another Alice soft game, so how bad can it be? Yet, the points I marked off in this game because the H in this game is really ridiculous. I do not think that those H scenes are needed in the story but there are also some H scenes really funny and hilarious. How can I say H scenes are hilarious? Well you have to play this game to find out.

Graphics: 72%
Not bad graphics for Window play but the part I don't like is the overall "kiddish" graphics done at both H-scenes and regular pictures. This is one of the reason I like the graphics but not H because it really seems like you are looking at a kid.

Sound: 60%
Decent, but not very exciting and not a whole lot of music to listen to when inter-changing

System/Setup: 100%
This game is really easy because all you need is Japanese windows and everything would run in place. The setup of the game is also great because even though it is a adventure game, there are also multiple choice options to pick which place to go, what to say to the person, etc

Gameplay: 85%
The game play of this game is similar to AmbivalenZ if you have played that game. Both games are released by Alice soft. Funny bee have the go, look, browse, move commands just like every AVG but what makes this game different is the mazes that you can control and move around in just like AmbivalenZ. Also there is apart where you get to use your ship to fire missiles and lasers at the space pirates and dodge their lasers. Although the graphics in this seems like Atari graphics, it is really fun and worthwhile.

Extras: 50%
Besides the normal modes, there is also a room that talks about information. This place also have some funny pictures and hilarious jokes so is a great new idea.

Rating: 82%
This game gets bonus points for the hilarious jokes, scenes, and even the hilarious H content in the story like the half man half horse police (if you play the game you would know who I am referring to).

In all not a bad game overall besides the Kiddy look in the characters, and also the game itself is separated in many Scenes. When the scenes interchange, the graphics are really good and cute as well.
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