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Name: Clone Doll KagaiJyugyo (60.00% in 5 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Space Project
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: Helmut

In the game you are a high school student living alone. It's August and you're on vacation but there is extra lesson in the school. You love a girl classmate but there's no intimate relation yet. Namely it's your unilateral love.

One day an unexpected happening occurs. A clone-making-machine appears in your house which is sent perhaps from future. And you get a hair of your beloved. Then you attempt making her clone with it at home. But you don't know how to control the machine. You must find out which switches of 8 ones are to be on. The machine advises you to switch 8 all on. It appears a failure. In the evening, however, as you're back at home, it's proved successful. Her clone has been made and lies in the machine. She wakes up and kisses you suddenly. Yes! The girl whom you've loved for long time stands nakedly in front of you. You play H with her.

Then the story is simple. Every night you play H with the clone variously by degree. She's like a doll and you have the initiative. She feels shame and isn't developed at H. You're also a novice at H. Thus you have special lessons at the school by days, in the bed by nights. They go on for about twenty days.

At days in the school or in the street small happenings take place. Some of them are H. There's no progress in the relationship with your beloved classmate though you still love her. There are also a few H affair at home with MIMI your next-door neighbor and REONA a sister.

At the last part of the game the story advances again. You can view what's the function of the switches of the clone machine and how works the cross relation between a clone and an original body. It'll give you a happy ending.

GAMEPLAY: There's few element of gameplay. It's like a visual novel and a very easy game. You have only to click the mouse. A man will love this game who wants just to view H scenes without clearing a game. The H actions of nights are added one or two by degree everyday from 6 to 30 from usual to unusual such as SM. You can select a few actions one night and several later. It offers in the game's last part an H diary by which you can view again all H scenes of every nights. System menu (save, load or quit) turns up when a day ends.

GRAPHIC: It's of good quality. Outline and color have been well drawn. Girls are pretty. An H action's been composed of several CGs. Totally you can view about one hundred H CGs. They, however, are some repetitious. One night just one action is added but you must take a few to spend the night. Accordingly you must play two repeated actions everyday. But it's not boring because of variety of the CGs and actions.

MUSIC: It's of usual level and midi format. It's restful.

I'm not fluent in Japanese and English so please forgive and correct me if there's any mistake in this review.
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