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Name: Kanpai (55.00% in 2 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Neva
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Tabris

As the title of the game tells it all, it is a game mainly about drinking beer =)

Story: 50%
Well i think that there is no story whatso over in this game. Well there is but i wouldn't consider it a story. Typically, you just hang around with a couple of friends either in a bar, karaoke, or a club. During the time you also got introduced to some girls that either was your friends' friend or her friend that was dragged along for having fun. After around 4 times like this, the game is over.

H Content: 60%
About 5 H scenes to a character and there is a total of 8 girls that you can H with. Giving you around 40 pictures. Not much to say about the H scenes though. Not good graphics and just normal H-ing.

Graphics: 60%
Some CGs scene for each character but this cannot be seen in the CG mode and this happens during the game.

Very original for a AVG. This is kind of like a date simulation in that where you choose to sit down on the table can affect you. And there is only one girl that you can H at a time so do not try to pick up on both girls. You will end up having one only.

Extras: 30%
Well there is the useless CG mode for viewing only H scenes but i gave it a few points due to the fact that i really like how you can choose where you sit in the game and who to focus in to talk to at the bar.

Rating: 54 %
A fairly quick and simple game that shows a lot on conversation based actions when dating girls.
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