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Name: Leaf Visual Novel Series 2: Kizuato (66.67% in 6 votes)
Type: NVL
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Leaf
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: PhantomX

This game is a second game of the "Leaf Visual Novel Series" and now it added more creepy and fantasy story than the first game. So the tone of game is much like the former prequel "Shizuku" and "Isaku" which mean there is not a happy story waiting for you.

Story: 100%
This game was designed to be "Visual Novel". So the story is the main feature of this game. I again won't tell you much about it so that will ruin the game. If you have played the former sequel "Shizuku" you will know the tone of the game, but this time the story is a little more creepy and a bit more fantasy. But almost all of it can't consider happy story.

H Content: 83%
The main story isn't base on how will you get H with the character or try to capture their heart. So all of H-scenes are practically self-run and you can't do anything. And almost all of it are rape scenes which the story doen't involve main character (you) like in "Isaku" so you might feel sad for them while watch it. But the good part is the quality of graphics is quite very good which may satisfy someone (that like rape scene or not) ^_^

Graphics: 100%
The graphics is LEAF style which look like those in "Shizuku" And if you ask me, I would give the perfect score on every game in this series. The CGs are well drawn and look very beautiful even if it's all in only 16 colors. And I like very much about the expression of character in their face because it gets you much deeper into the story. Also the graphics of character are well relate to story at that point. And if you think CGs in this game is the best that mean you haven't played the third game of this series "To Heart"

Sound: 50%
I found out that this game is still good while I'm listening to my favourite Skid Row's album "Slave to the grind" or Van Halen Greatest Hits ^_

System/Setup: 100%
This game can run on native Japanese Windows 95 or Windows with program that display japanese font like NJWIN. I played it on Japanese Windows 95 OSR2 (And so is every other game I played). So there is not much things required to do. Just uncompress it, create shortcut and enjoys !! You can save or load anytime you like by clicking the right button.

Gameplay: 50%
This category maybe the major setback of this game since it's name is "Visual Novel". The gameplay is no more than plain and simple MCTC (Multiple Choice Text Command). So if you are looking for anything new in gameplay, I suggest you should look elsewhere. The only good thing they added for this game is the SKIP button which you can skip text that you have read before with high speed display, and it will slow to normal display when the new text come up.. which is greatly help when you re-play it again (In case you want to see all H graphics ,which I doubt you would). And you know it will make you get tired of reading text very quickly (I never read any text after play it 4-5 times ).

Extras: 0%
Again it's almost impossible to crack the savegame for all CGs (Which I doubt you would like to do that). If you want to see all graphics you can't do anything but finish the game in almost every story, which you will know how important is that SKIP button. And there is no music mode, as usual.

Rating: 77%
If U like H rape scenes or tone of game like "Shizuku" or "Isaku" you must try this game once. But if you are the kind that stick with "Doukyusei" type of game or that always happy endings, I warn you not to touch this game. But I'm a fan of this series so I didn't have to reconsider to trade for this game.
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