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Name: M Hard (51.43% in 7 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Aaru
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: HnN

Well Aaru is known for making hardcore H games, and this is no exception. You're a typical college student. Your mother needs a heart transplant, which requires a lot of money, and your father's mechanics shop is not doing very well. When things can't get any worse, a mysterious woman shows up to make you an offer.

Story: 55%
You're a normal college student. Your mother needs a heart transplant. Your father's mechanics shop can't pull in nearly enough money to pay for the surgery. Just then, this rich sadistic woman shows up and makes you an offer. She'll get the best doctors and pay for the operation, IF you become her slave. That's the premise of the story. Ofcourse you can refuse, and that'll lead to just one of many bad endings. If you agree, she'll bring you to her mansion and you get to find out first hand what a sadistic, manipulative bitch she really is. You also meet her other "slave", the maid.

H Content: 70%
Above average frequency. About 50/50 H to normal story. Most of the H are pretty hard core stuff. Every night the bitch makes you and the maid do a variety of sicko sex activities. If you're not into hardcore, leave this game alone.

Graphics: 65%
The pictures are nice. Good color and resolution. The only problem is they're a bit too small, especially when your desktop is 1024X768 or higher resolution.

Gameplay: 65%
Very standard menu driven SLG game. The good thing is unlike R's other games like Rabid Helix, there are actually multiple endings. Only one really good ending (unless you count the one where you turn the table on the bitch but that's not really a good ending) and lots of bad ones. You can save anytime you want, which is good, and there are lots of save slots.

Extras: 70%
Standard CG and music gallery when you finished the game with the good ending. Plus you can skip text by holding the CTRL button.

Rating: 63%
If you're into hardcore H, this game will satisfy your needs. If you're not, go elsewhere as that's basically all there is.
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