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Name: Cobra Mission (74.62% in 13 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: DOS
Company: Megatech
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Xser

Cobra Mission is not like any traditional RPG game. It is not set in some fantasy world, but actually in a city, East Cobra. In this game you are JR Knight, a private eye detective from Florida. You are called to East Cobra by your attractive female friend, Faythe Watson, to assist her in finding her missing friend. Thus, Faythe joins your party and remains with you even after her missing friend is found. Together, you two then find more missing girls and track down the man behind the kidnapping, Kaiser, "the psychotic master criminal overlord."

The battle scene in this game is quite unique. You have the typical attack, defend, use item and flee command, but it is the attack command that stands out. First, you have a full size view of the enemy. In addition, you fight enemies one at a time. Thus when there is a group of enemies; they attack you in turns. There is also a "ready bar" which allows you to attack when it's full and you attack by pointing the mouse pointer (now an icon resembling to the weapon you are using) on the body part of the enemy you choose to hit. The damage the enemy takes is depended on where he takes the hit (example, a blow to the head would cast the most damage on the enemy). However, there is also an accuracy factor so that you will not always hit the area as you intend to. The accuracy of your characters improves as they obtain better weapons and increase in levels.

There are three types of hentai scenes in this game. First, you can find porn magazines or girly undergarments in the city. Each magazine will show you a hentai picture while you have to trade the girly undergarments to some pervert for girly pictures in order to see more hentai pictures. The magazines and girly pictures will be stored in your inventory for later viewing pleasures. The second type is through your encounters with females during your travel. Something juicy always occurs which always ends up with the female stripping down. Finally, the last type is to call the girls you have rescued (they give you their phone number after you save them) on a date, which will eventually end up your bedroom. Then, you will interactively arouse the female to strip down and have sex with you.

In general, this game has the potential to be a great game. It has the interesting battle scene and different variety of hentai scenes all in one game. However, this game is very poor in the graphics department, especially in the hentai scenes. Thus, despite the excellent format of the game, the depressing graphics kills the game since people play hentai games to see good hentai pictures.

Story: 1/10 - The plot is too simplistic (hero rescues girl and defeats evil boss). However, there are times where scenes are a little bit humorous.

Gameplay: 3/10 - Although the format of battle scene is unique and interesting, the enemies you face are too easy. Overall, however, it is decent.

Graphic: 2/10 - H-scenes are barely acceptable compared to the current standards. Also, the map field is pretty primitive and lack good resolution. However, some enemy design are pretty nice.

Music: 2/10 - The background music was average, however; it is interesting to hear the enemies groaning and as they are attacking or being attacked during combat.

Overall: 2/10 - Definitely not worth playing because of the poor hentai scenes, but it is worth a look. Think of it as seeing a forefather of hentai games and reminisce on how this business all get started.
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