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Name: Marble Cooking (57.00% in 10 votes)
Type: PUZ
Platform: DOS
Company: Negative
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: HnN

This is an interesting puzzle game. I havn't seen anything like it so I can't say what it's equivalent to. This is a thinking puzzle game and its not too easy. You get an three H scenes per level. Highly addictive game.

Story: 25%
As a puzzle game, the story is virtually non-existent. Basically you try to solve the puzzle to get some H scenes.

H Content: 80%
There are quite a bit of H scenes here. There are 7 levels, each with 9 stages. There is a boss in each level and you get an H scene with that boss after stages 3, 6 and 9. As per title of the game, many of the H scenes involve food.

Graphics: 70%
Good artwork. 640X480 resolution in Dos mode at full screen. Not bad at all.

Gameplay: 85%
This score is perhaps a bit too high but its necessary to offset the negatives of the story category due to the nature of this type of game. The premise behind the game is simple, but difficult to master. You control the icon of the little girl on the game board, which could be of various shapes. Your purpose is to capture all the monsters on the screen. You get more and more monsters to capture at higher levels and their movement less predictable To capture a monster, you need to first set a trap by hitting the enter key. Now whereever you move to on the board you'll leave behind a train of carrots. Take note that you can not back track. Hitting enter again will release the trap. What will happen is a rabbit will pop out from the pentagram trap and eat the carrots all the way to your position. Your aim is to get the monsters in front of the carrot trail so when the rabbit eats through the carrot trail it eats the monster. If you touch a monster you lose a life. You get 3 lives. If the monster steps on the pentagram before you set it you loose the trap and trail but you have an infinite amount of traps you can set. Sounds easy and it is in the beginning, but the monster gets alot smarter later. When you capture a monster, it turns into a piece of cookie or candy, you can then take it. If you die, the stage starts all over again with the inital number of monsters.

Sound: 70%
Cutsy music which accompanies the game. Some variety of music.

Extras: 70%
CG and music mode are always available but you only get to see the pictures you've already seen.

Rating: 66%
Very addictive little puzzle game that's fun to play just on its own.

This game is not easy and with 7 x 9 = 63 stages it'll take you a while to complete. Hint, especially for the later stages, the monsters would be very smart. Examples, in the last level (level 7) you deal with vampires which only moves when you do something, like set a trap. Instead of just randomly setting traps everywhere, pay close attention to the pattern that the monsters move in. They all move in patterns. Once you figure out the pattern, the game becomes much easier.
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