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Name: My Girl (35.71% in 7 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Jam
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: N1S

A standard girl chase type game. The only difference is that you start out with a girl friend, and it's up to you and your decisions on whether to "keep" her or go after someone else.

Story: 55%
Not much of a story here. The story is basically about what happens to you and your girl friend, Miki, during several months of the school year. During the course of the game, you meet 2(and only 2) other girls, and you can try to go after them if you want.

H Content: 90%
I do have to say that the H scenes are nicely done. Large pictures and full color definitely does the trick. Most of the H situations are with your girlfriend, though. Basically the more you "visit" her, the more options will appear ^^. The H scenes of the other two girls are pretty hard to get... and there are not that many pictures for them in any case.

Graphics: 65%
The generic background shots are acceptable, but are definitely inferior when compared against the "snap shot" pictures.

Gameplay: 60%
This is a multiple choice type game, where you get to make a lot of decisions. Basically you do nothing during the regular week days, but in the weekends you get to choose where to spend your time. Your options include the park, the TV studio, the library, or stay home. Later on in the game you get the option of going to a coffee shop. Who you talk to depends on where you go... more or less. At nights on weekends, you get the opportunity to call Miki, and if she's there, you can go over to her place and have some fun :) There are also special days where you get to make special choices, of course.

If you decide to stay with Miki, the game is pretty easy to play: the game is definitely geared toward her story. However, if you decide to try for one of the other 2 girls, it can get pretty difficult.

Sound: 90%
The music are in CD-DA, and are pretty good to listen to. You also get full voice for all the characters. :)

Extras: 80%
There is a standard CG Gallery and a music gallery. The CG gallery(after you beat the game once) shows all the pictures that you've seen, as well as a blank spot for all the ones that you missed, so you can easily tell how many pictures you did not find in the game. The music gallery allows you to play all the CD-DA tracks. Pretty standard stuff.

Rating: 71%
Your basic girl chase type game. Kind of lacking in the game play and story department, but at least the graphics and sound sort of make up for it.
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