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Name: Collector (50.00% in 5 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Melody
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

If I have not mistaken anything, Collector is a game made by the game company Melody who also made a game that has the same name as their company's name, Melody. Since I recognize the company's game by its graphic style, font, and its game system; I cannot assure that Collector and Melody comes out of the same company brand. However, one thing Ican be sure of is that Collector and Melody both has a unique gameplay and nice graphics that made the game interesting to play.

The story behind Collector is that the main character has attended awell-reputed high school for a long time. Yet, the main character was disgust by therestrict school policy and the boredom in the school. He wanted something interestingbesides attending school and go home. And thus, the main character participated in astrange club that his friend has introduced to him. In this club, the main goal is toseduce girls to the clubhouse and rape them! And guess what? The main character isassigned as the person who will be responsible to bring the girls to the clubhouse. Fromhere on, your quest of hunting down girls begins.

In Collector, you will need to have a good relationship with the girlsin order to take them to the clubhouse. The only time you will be able to do that is afterschool and sometimes during special activities in class. In order to know the girls well,you need of course first meet the girls. After the school is over, you will be able to goto one of the many places on campus to meet new girls or improve your relationship withthe girls you have met. At this point, you would probably wonder how do you know whetheryou have a good relationship with the girls or not. The game itself has a status bar ofthe girl you talk to. Upon the status bar, there will be indications in stars on how goodyour relation with the girl is. Therefore, you will be able to know which girl you havemore chance to bring to the clubhouse.

Overall, the game is okay. The gameplay in Collector is almostidentical to Melody. There will be a status bar that will indicate your relation with thegirl. You will be able to explore around. The only difference is that I found Collector tobe harder and a little boring. It is pretty difficult to trigger some events that willenhance the relation with the girls and the repeated events makes Collector kind ofboring. However, if you got nothing to play with, you can try this.


Graphics - 7.5/10 The resolutions are set in high-res. The drawings arenice, but not outstanding. There are some cool computer rendered CG of the school that isnice to watch as well.

Gameplay - 5/10 The only thing you will be able to choose is after theschool is over which makes the game pretty boring. However, this game requires patience. Ifound this game difficult for me because I kept getting the same event happening again andagain without any improvement in relations. Maybe if you find a quicker way to enhancerelationship, this game will be fun.

Story - 6/10 The story is not as good as the previous game they made,but the multi-ending makes this game a long one to play with.

If there's error in this review, please inform me about it. Thanks.
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