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Name: P.S.@ (75.00% in 2 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Uran
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Joshua

P.S.@ is a very original game, and is not too difficult to play. I really enjoyed this very "creative" internet-type adventure game and if you are looking for something different in story, artwork and hentai, then try this game. I have played many different Hentai games, and this particular series is somewhat provocative. I highly recommend it.

"This game includes the darker side of womens' sexuality"

Story: 100%
You play as a college student named Hiroyuki, and the story centers around an internet site called "P.S.". The site consists of five different women who live dual lives, as they each have a darker side to them that reveals their true sexual identities. There is Akane, an elevator girl who is into exhibitionism; there is Aoi, a secretary who likes to be raped; there is Haruka, a sports instructor and Kaoru, a flight attendant, who are both into heavy and public masturbation; and finally there is Sakura, a TV newscaster, who is into something called "scat"(you may find that very disturbing and offensive). There is also Jun, who is Hiroyuki's tomboyish girlfriend. Hiroyuki plays as "master" of the P.S. site and to the five women. The story is definitely very interesting and has a very dark undertone to it. Very well done.

H Content: 100%
There are several H-scenes for all six of the women in the game. The game's story centers all around Hentai, so there is an abundant amount of it and again, it has a very dark undertone, especially Sakura's, as her Hentai scenes evolve around urination and defecation. You may find it offensive. But the quality of the Hentai scenes is simply superb. Uran always displays impeccable artwork.

Graphics: 100%
Again, the regular graphics in the game are terrific. I love the character designs and the background art is very well drawn. Uran, again, has done an excellent job.

Gameplay: 75%
The game isn't that difficult to play, but it wouldn't hurt to know some Japanese. The gameplay evolves around e-mailing the correct responses to each individiual character. As you progress, you receive further e-mail from each character, additional photographs, and the objective of the game is, as their "Master", to have them call you and you have a special "session" with them. However, there is only one happy ending in the game and that is with Jun. And it is very simple to get her ending, as it plays out pretty much for you. You also move around different locations(only nine) in the game, and you will run into Jun, and her story(the main story) plays out. Very simple.

Sound: 90%
All of the music is CD music, and it is quite good. It is pretty much all light jazz, with a little bit of acoustic and bass guitar. There is also an ending theme to the game and I love the theme song. It is quite dramatic. And there is full voice for all of the characters( but not for Hiroyuki, only the women) and I really enjoy the voice acting in the game. Overall, it is really well done.

Extras: 50%
Well, the only omake mode is where you look at each character's profile, which will display all of the CG and there is a CD player mode as well when you finish the game. But that is all.

Rating: 89%
This game, in my opinion, is quite different from the mainstream Hentai software. The game isn't very long, but the story, artwork and overall content of the game is very creative and certainly original. And I really like the dark content of the game. This game is worth checking out.

The characters in this game are really intriguing. Especially if you know any Japanese or are fluent, as there is a lot of story behind the game, even though it is based on dark Hentai. My favorite characters in Hentai games always seem to be the tomboyish girls. Just like Rina in HighSchool Terra Story, there is Jun in P.S. Kawaii ^_^ And by the way, P.S 2 has also been released and another is soon to follow called, P.S. Online.
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