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Name: Sayaka - Stepmother (70.00% in 1 votes)
Type: AVG
Platform: PC-98
Company: F&C
Release date: 1993
Reviewed by: Toshi

This is a classic Kuso-gee (a shitty game) from Ides' RED-ZONE brand. Like many other games that form part of RED-ZONE's 'Name Series' (you must know of a few better-known ones like Akiko and Kanako), this one's also a simple Windows 'reprint' from the original PC-98 version released years ago. No 256 colours, no video clips, no multi-media stuff. Thus only good to look back with nostalgia on the good ol'days of DOS H-games. Which itself isn't altogether bad, and I do like doing that. For all the multimedia-ish frills many of the latest Win95 H-games aren't particularly more glittering after all...

Story: 30%
Need I present the story at all? Well, perhaps: an office girl Sayaka marries her ex-boss Ginji as his second wife and moves into his house, where she is awaited by Ginji's introspective son, his cheeky daughter and days of sexual service to satisfy her husband's wanton appetite. In the meantime the old housemaid, burnt by jealousy, bullies the young wife at every juncture, and eventually into getting her obscene acts photographed. Sayaka desperately tries to recover the photo, but the picture unwittingly passes through her stepdaughter Natsumi into the hands of Natsumi's boyfriend... Just a Nikkatsu 'Roman Porn' film of the 70s translated into an anime game or something like that, if you know what I'm talking about.

H Content: 58%
You can see lots of H-pics in poor graphics, as it is the only purpose of playing this game. It's got a full arsenal of traditional devices too: a bathroom play, masturbation, S&M plays, rapes and so on. There are even a few animations, again in a classic H-game style: automatic panning of a picture larger than its tiny dazzling, eh?

Graphics: 26%
Not much can be said of the graphics of the game. As the game is directly imported from the PC-98 original and nothing modified, its 16-colour graphics are demonstrably shabby. Just think of the quality of the graphics in the DOS/V version of JAST's 'Angels' Afternoon' series, or see it yourself from my screen captures.

System/Setup: 50%
Your copy of Sayaka may or may not come with Ides' standard installer WINSTALL.EXE. No matter, just double-click on the main programme ADVWIN.EXE and the game starts (which holds good for all the RED-ZONE games to my knowledge). Common to all the games of this series, you can save the game at any time but can only load saved data at the start-up. This latter is rather annoying, since every time you've got to exit and start a new session before you can re-load them. Incidentally the icon for this game is a lovely little face of Sayaka's vile husband Ginji... I wonder how serious Ides was when it released this game...

Gameplay: 15%
This game being a Kuso-gee par excellence there is really nothing worth noting in the gameplay. As the story proceeds your viewpoint often swaps between those of Sayaka, her husband Ginji and her stepson Ichirou, and this changing perspective probably gives some animation to the monotonous scenario. Yet otherwise, like the Akiko series Sayaka has no multiple endings, so you've just got to follow a single story line by endlessly clicking the mouse. There are nevertheless LOTS of command options, which get you to the same next set of commands anyway. And the game play is painfully slow. It is plainly tedious to go through this electronic picture story, whether or not you understand Japanese. Personally I like the UTTER silliness of those messages, but few would agree with me ;).

Extras: 20%
'Sayaka's Little Room' (a photoshop and a sound room) pops up after you finish the game. The photoshop is not really a photoshop, but only leads to various H-scenes in the story, forcing you to click on all the commands over again. It does not even have all the H-pics that feature in the game play. Ah! But now you realise that all those scenes and music actually had their own titles - 'Chapter 1: Sweet Service', 'Chapter 2: Shame and Pleasure', 'Chapter 3: Unchaste Baptism'... Oh, well...

Rating: 38%
Extra points to the pathos and nostalgic tinge of the game, but again few would agree with me... This game is rubbish. So rubbishy that it's even got some charms. And I repeat, I LOVE such charms. Full stop.
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