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Name: Taxi (85.00% in 2 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Societa
Release date: 1996
Reviewed by: HnN

An interesting SLG with you playing the part of a cab driver. You can pick up three different girls on your run and each has a few different scenarios.

Story: 70%
There is no overall story ofcourse. Each of your passengers has their own story. But the diversity of the stories accounts for a relatively high score in this area. There are 42 possible endings. You read that right, 42. If you want to see them all, you better do some strategically placed savegames and go through each menu possibility.

H Content: 65%
There are a wide variety of H scenes depending on which character and which scenario you've chosen. The ratio of H scenes to story is average. Roughly 65% story, 35% H scenes. The scenes are explicit, and of fair length.

Graphics: 65%
Above average graphics, good resolution even at full screen. Looks like 256 colors instead of high color though.

Gameplay: 70%
Typical SLG type. Before starting the game, you'll be asked a few questions by your female dispatch, including your name (which you can enter via a Alphabet Keyboard), the age of the girl you want to meet (older, same age, or younger), and the scenario for that girl. Each girl has three different possible scenarios which are completely unrelated with each other, but only two are available at the beginning. The third will be available only if you get the proper ending for the first two. eg: the older girl could be either a supernatural killer (I don't want to ruin it by being any more specific), a courier carrying an important briefcase, or a sex crazed woman. There is a nice skip feature for those of you uninterested in story, its the CTRL key. Just hold it down and the texts would skim on by until it reaches a decision junction.

Sound: 70%
Typical FM music. Not too many different ones. Some sound effects.

Extras: 90%
This one's got it all. Picture mode, replay mode which you can reply the H sequences for each character including the texts, music room to listen to the music, and even an ending list which lists all the endings which you've seen (similar to Noisy Zone). There is also the skip key which I mentioned earlier. You're also able to load and save the game at every decision junction which is quite handy.

Rating: 70%
A good little SLG game for those people that want a variety of different stories and H types to choose from.
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