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Name: Magical Antique (80.00% in 10 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Leaf
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

The game.
Magical Antique is a game where your purpose is to be the main cahracter and get friendly with one of the many girls in the story. Wait this sounds familiar to 9874 other games out there? Well its not. Aside from all the conversations with many girls you are incharge of an Antique store. Yes you are there to adjust product, repair them, buy more stock sell them and keep/boost your store rating. Sounds hard? Aside from the conversation and store managing, you are also incharged of keeping a watchful eye on our main female character... So while you are deciding how your female chara be you will be talking with people and also running your antique store. This game is for thoes who plans ahead and like to boss people around.

Story 9/10
Pretty unique. While strolling on the street in one peaceful summer night you were suddenly killed by a heatseeking rock. Then girl named sufei resurrects you. the spell isn't very permanent so until you are fully recovered you will be forced to be with sufei. Meanwhile your dad decided that you don't need college and withdrew you from it so he can go party while you run the antique store. Gee how come my parents weren't like that? What happens next you will have to check it for your self. This is garanteed not to be a boring game.

Console 9/10
take my word for it. Leaf makes only good games. Magical Antique surely is one GOOD game. As talked above there is 3 objective. To grow sufei, to run the store and also to fall in love.

Characters 8/10
Thoughout the game you will be seeing Sufei change from small to big to small to big etc. Reason? find out when you play :)
other characters involved in the game are all quite interesting people.

Sound 7/10
Sadly this game doesn't have voice. If there were voice this would have deserved a 10/10 from me. Why don't they make perfect games this days....

Overall 9/10
Yes this game is worth every penny! I have played it over and over althou never getting 100% CG but i do have all the endings. Nice game.
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