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Name: Never 7 -end to infinity- (50.00% in 2 votes)
Type: ADV
Company: Kindle Imagine Develop (KID)
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

Ever had Deja vu before? Getting that feeling that this already happened before? Doing something that you did? a 7 day that never ends...

The Story 8/10
You wake up in the middle of the night just having a bad vision in your dream about death. As you sit on bed and wonders what happened, Yuka bursts into the door demanding answer. Not being fully aware of whats going on both of you laugh the incident off and disregard it. Soon you meet the rest of crew on your college trip. Sitting on this remote island around the coast of Japan you soon learn that you will be isolated due to a big storm. As story developes more stranges things starts to happen. You are given the power to know before hands of whats going to happen. Soon story goes really deep when main female character starts pouring out information. Then on the night the storm touched down on the island, your destiny restarted. 7 days ago... Story restarts but without losing your memory. Your objective is to get out of the loop.

Graphics 6/10
Graphics isn't very top notch. But going along with the story.

Sound 6/10
**updated 3/16
thanks to densetsu supporter some miss information needs to be updated.
During the review this game actually there were some confusion. the DC that was used had a broken lense(half dead(found out when the buildings didn't load in highway battle2, kept driving on invisible road)). After placing the DC firmly on toys'R'us employee head, a new one was quickly stolen and put into service. Now all the games fires up fine and yes wow! There is voice(some modding was required to play import).

Overall 8/10
Story wise this is a nice game. Kept me up and playing all night long trying to fingure out whats going to and what happened. If you are the story type of person then this is a must get.

PS Sorry for that confusion again. There is voice pack. Make sure you turn it on.
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