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Name: Kuon no Kizuna (95.71% in 7 votes)
Type: ADV
Company: Fun Yours
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

For you that likes digital novel/adventure type gaming kuon should be the right one. It was first released around 1998 on PSX and then ported over to Dreamcast in 2000 may. Ofcourse the DC version has a couple of changes to it such as new modes and stories. But the main line of events are still pretty much the same. After playing half of PSX then playing the whole thing over DC I can now say that, yes DC version is better than PSX. For 1 its got a new battle mode. Althou pretty useless its pretty fun to get nervous once a while.

Kuon isn't a lighthearted game. Thoes who can't take anything seriously will not like this game. This game is quite long some 3000~4000 page of text. The overall tone of the story is quite gray(sad) it isn't a humor novel at all. But the story has its uniqueness...

The Story 9/10
I am quite sure by now all of you are familiar with the whole digital novel/Adventure game storys. Well this is just another addon. Game is set in 3 time stages. Past, not soo long ago, and present. You as the main character will go from present to past then back and forth to find out who you really are and what is really going on. During the time you will find your fate predecided... your only chance of ending this great loop is your actions towards your present days. You happen to be a keyplayer in the revival of an ancient clan of demons. And *hint* if you get lured into helpping out, the world will end. *hint2* don't believe what you see... According to past you are destined to be a god like figure and a few chosen people are there to help you out. When there are good guys, there are always bad guys. The protagonist side will have people to bother you in all 3 eras. Play smart. There IS bad ending so save before you make your choices on your destiny.

The Console 5/10
*click*click*click* "wait! whats this i can move the analog controller... now draw a something happened like this neat star figure appearered and the monster died... first time I see spell casting soo...interactive...." Yes this is the major improvement talked about earlier. You sometimes get to participate in spell casting. You will have to draw this spell out and it will shoot the enemy.

The Sound and Voice. 9/10
Voice not avalible in either versions. The OST is quite worth it. There is my 2cents.

Graphic 8/10
The graphic is good. Quite nice actually..Specially Mayo and...Shiori...

Overall 8/10
I actually recommend people to play this game. If you need Japanese practice this is quite the game to get. Its got around 4000pages of text to read... Tons of kanji practice also.
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