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Name: Dousoukai -Again- (75.29% in 17 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: F&C
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

I have to say I am truely amazed by F&C's Dousoukai -Again-. After finishing the game getting all posible ending and CG, I am still trying to find any secret that I might have missed. F&C truely made a piece of art thats going to be on my all time top 5 list.

As many of you might know the name Dousoukai, again sorta follows what happened on the previous release. Since I have not played the earlier version I don't know for sure. From the opening of -again- it mentioned the past.

Enough of past its time to tell you what -again- is about. Tatsuya is the main character. Living in Tokyo as college student. Parents often not at home (actually during the whole course of the game I have not seen them at all). You are part of a really close circle of friends who all share the love for Tennis. Being in this club often you guys get together to play. There are a total of 7 girls around you and everyone of them is different in someway(not to mention that they each got a different hair color....). Well there isn't just girls. You aren't the only guy in this game so beware competition might occur.

As this year ends a new one awaits. Ofcourse it also means a start of new life. In this course of about 2 weeks you will fall in love, and once again find that person who you would like to be with...

Sound/Voice 9/10
The music is good. There is quite alot of different theme so you rarely get bored with it. There is Voice acting for girls only. Very well done by F&C. The opening is surely catchy. There might even be Drama CDs for this game.

Graphics 8/10
Well thought and drawn. F&C surely stands firmly to say that they have some nice artist around the company.

Console 9/10
One of the most impressive design I have seen. This game has all the F&C looks. The FC01 logo the right click, CTRL to skip etc. But what amazed me the most was the extra function that gets enabled after you complete the game. Everytime you complete the game you not only unlock CG/MUSIC you also unlock special function such as HINT. This is quite useful for thoes who don't know Japanese version. The hints will prove to be useful making sure you get the points scored right.

Overall 9/10
This game being story based H scene is just standard. You won't find big orgy or daily H stuff but you do have intimate times with your new mate. As mentioned above there is 7 girls but there is only 6 girls that you can pretty much, H with. There is 1 girl that is out of the equation.

If you want something to play this year do grab this game. Recommended to all otakus.
Play time is not very long about 6 hours if you want to read everything.
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