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Name: Natural Zero Plus (76.92% in 13 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: F&C
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

F&C sure is making great games this year. After a successful run with previous Natural series they decided to make a PLUS version. Yes the Plus is there for a reason. Zero should be the game name PLUS is actually bonus stuff that came with the game it self. Alot of previous Natural Scene collections side storys windows wallpaper theme etc and, H scenes. yes. Previous Natural H scenes. Not all of them but enough to make you drool and such.

Story 7/10
Well it turns out zero plus ended more like a pure H game. There isn't a whole lot of story line to follow. There is 3 girls one of them which passed away before the game started. The whole game focus around Marino which will become your closest girlfriend you ever had in this 10 days of game play. You as a writer will be living with her and she will be your personal servant. Willing to do ANYTHING soon you find out that you 2 wlll be destined to fall in love.

Wait hold on. Wasn't there another girl? Oh ya, the editor from the publishing company. Shes there for a purpose too. It turns out out of this 10 days she will come and talk to you everyday. But then she has a special ending compared to Marinos. Most likely you will end up with Marino ending since shes always around you. This game turned out to be _pure_ H game type.

Graphics 8.5/10
It was quite hard giving it a 9 since it has defects. But giving it an 8 i would feel guilty as charged. A hard choice was made and a dot and 5 were required. As seen on the preview images. Nice is only the start of my thoughts.

After all that H scene I don't know how to Voice Actress pulled it off. But yes, she did all of them and EVEN the windows sound packs. wow truely impressive. There is quite alot of sound packs to chose from.

Game console 7/10
Very standard of F&C looking grid. user Friendly

Overall 8/10
Well for thoes that likes a game with alot of H. This would be the perfect game to get. You not only get ZERO, you also get to take a peek at what previous Natural had to offer.

PS. watch out for the wall paper bug. It seems to crash the game quite often.
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