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Name: Koimusubi
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Spiel
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

After 3 hours of continue gaming finaly an ending was reached and conclusion had to be made. A happy ending was all that required to put a period on koimusubi. So whos Spiel the company that made this game? After stalking the staff members and constanly spying their homepage url was uncovered and quickly added to densetsu database. Apparently Spiel was established in 1999 as a mid-sm size game development company.

Koimusubi(love knot) is Spiel's debut into the multi million dollar market. Due to being a new company and not enough marketing koimusubi didn't last very long on charts at all(infact it didn't even make it on some charts). But that isn't stopping spiel from making more games. As far as from homepage released information another game should be out around 2001-spring not far from now. Spiel gambatte ne~

Story of koimusubi 7/10
A high school in some city that town had a group of students that were really common high school students(it seems that H-game making has reached its peak in variety...). MrWhatEverYouWantToCallYourSelf will be graduating from this HighSchool(hopefully). After a short break from school you got back together with your friend satoshi but things changed. It seems that girls are now avalible all of a sudden and everyone of them want a piece of you. Good luck MrWEYWTCYS.

As story progress not alot of big turns are added. Just the standard universal scenarios. The game does however have secret scenarios that you unlock on completion. The game also goes by chapter/section. So after playing 2hours you suddenly see the ending credits don't touch that power button yet. There is still more to come. The secret scenario is just endings but delivered in pure H forms(it means this game have multiple H scenes per person. which is not very usual). Koimusubi the meaning it self is to put a knot that would bring love. Hapi- endo get!

Voice/Music 7/10
Spiel, you should really find a better recording studio. The character voice volume would fluctuate during the game. But they did go though the length of making it full voice(male voice not included). Recalling from memory F&C had developed cleaver ways of dealing with Character name. In Natural series most likely they called the main character by position like, sensei or shachou. In Dousoukai a preset name came with the game so VAs just have to say the name therefore no pausing in between sentence. In koimusubi no action were taken and a pause in every place that says your name.

Console 6/10
Console system needs detailing and such. Looks abit disorganized. After entering the game user can pick which place to go in a general map. The map had girls pic on it which ever girl you want to talk with you click on her that thats it. Thats all it takes to finish this game. Really simple.

Graphics 6/10
Its either me or the game. When female character are placed right next to the male character they always seem smaller or out or shape. It seems that every character is abit short. Other that more graphic is needed! pic get!!

Overall 7/10
Well I have to say I wasn't very pleased with koimusubi. Spiel you need to work it more if you want to compete against F&C or even C's Ware. Just abit more effort should bring ya here. gambatte ne~
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