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Name: Tasogare (85.00% in 2 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Leaf
Release date: 2001
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

During my vacation outings after nightly activities most of sleeping time were replaced by _hardcore_ game playing. Laptop is truely an invention that deserves a nobel or 2.
Swinging around asia is surely nice. While in town a few copy of new games were readily avalible in my local 7-11. No time were wasted and to the combi we went. Original games surely give alot of goodies. Thank you Leaf.
I didn't notice that this game were made by Leaf until the installation placed the program folder. Thats when I noticed that it read LEAF on it. It looked swell with my efuendoshi(F&C) folders.

Story of Tasogare 9/10
As the story begun a very puzzling intro were watched and the only words that came out of my mouth were "slaming intro yo!" The game then started. You are part
of a special program in the Emperial Army of Japan. During WW2 you were a clone that were subject of tests and special mutations. Liquid were injected into you
that helped you develop special powers. Not really SPECIAL powers but just powers that other regular people don't have enough of. Powers like better and faster healing.
Better and faster hearing sighting etc. The most important of all, immortality. You will die eventualy if you are exposed to limb/body damage beyond the rate of repair(which means if you are losing blood over the rate that you are making blood then you will die.).
Take no means to believe that immortality here means you are free to try. It only means you will not die by aging. You will forever stay at the current age.

Ofcourse you weren't the only one that were subjected to this tests. Among your hibernation grounds there were also 3 others. One whom you once called friend. For some reason
your hibernation were interrupted when you saw your friend tried to kill you. Being almost immortal your brawl were interrupted when 2 girls entered the domain and caused your _friend_ to
divert attention to the uninvited visitors. Soon you found yourself on the ground and were carried to safety by the 2 girls.

After a few word of exchange you were dischargeed from the hospital and went home with one of the girls that you saved. Meeting your clone you discovered that you have been dormant for
almost 50 some years! More and more amazing routes will occur when you actually play this game. Yes play it.

There is about _1_ general ending theme but alot of ending elements(which girl did you end up with). Many route inside of the game to take you to the end so its up to you to experience it first hand(infact I gave up writing it... Its a long story).
The Game will last about 6 hours. New scenario is activated by completion of game. Everytime you complete it something new will happen the next time. There is 1 true ending. Ganbatte ne~

Visual 10/10
Tasogare uses a very special type of art style. See for yourself. The game also offers a very special visual system. The 2D pre-animated scene system. Basically they made character animations and combined them from time to tim during realtime gaming.
So it looks like you are watching a anime sequence but what really is happening is that you are watching pre-anime scene following a timeline with subtitles on the bottom. Too bad its 2D. But it is a very unique development by Leaf. Thumbs up.

Voice/Sound 8/10
The music is welling composed. Only thing this game lacks is some dubbing.

Console 8.5/10
Well console looks not bad. Lacks surface 1-click button features. Very unique thing about this game is that the CG-GALLERY and stuff are hidden. Yes. Hidden. After completing the game many will wonder
where is that gallery? Move your mouse around the right of Start new game you will see the CG gallery slowly fading in.

Overall 9.5/10
Highly rated. Try at all cost. Would have given it a 10 if it were dubbed.
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