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Name: Twin Way (71.30% in 23 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Studio Ego!
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Anson

This game is more of an adventure game than a RPG game.

The story starts with you as a high school senior student and you start to develop a relasionship with 5 girls.

The game play is relatively easy. You should ONLY go after 1 girl per game play. So in order to get all the pictures, you have to play it 5 times. Each character have their own story. You might get involved in a love triangle when you go after certain characters.

There is no way you can lose unless you go after more than one girl in a single game play. After game finishes, you can use the "re-experience" option to get the some of the pictures that you missed. Also, there is an art gallary once you finished the game.

Plot: (7/10)
The individual story line is pretty good, although some are predictable. It a good thing that it doen't reqire any thinking to beat the game. If not, my kindergarden level of Japanese won't be able to handle it.

Graphics (8/10)
Graphics are in High Color mode (16bit) and computer graphics are well drawn. They also spent some time making a cool opening with a theme song!

Music (8/10)
Those guys sure put a lot on the music part. The theme song was pretty good. The rest is also well done. Using CD tracks with high quality computer generated music instead of crappy MIDIs is pretty impressive.

Game Play (6/10)
No need to think. No. I mean you only need to decide how to proceed in bed.

Overall (7.5/10)

Retail Price: 9800Yen+Tax (about $US82)

Where to buy:
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PS: Many thanks to Orochi for his/her save file.
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