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Name: Tobi D+VINE (80.00% in 24 votes)
Type: ACT
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Abogado Powers
Release date: 2001
Reviewed by: Gastalt

Another release by Abogado Powers... This is a side shooter similar to Gunner's Broom, featuring many of
the cast of D+Vine [Luv].

Story/Game play/System:
The main characters; Hyde and Sakura are reunited with their old friends from the last game by Abogado Powers; D+Vine [Luv]
Some of the characters (all female anyway) have been kidnapped by some really strange enemies. Its up to Sakura and Run (Naria's Daughter...who looks too much like a little boy lol)to fight the baddies and save the girls.(so Hyde can "H" them lol)
Not much of a story, but its better than nothing.

The Game play is part ADV(text based adventure) where Hyde goes around town talking to the different townspeople
and mostly picking up girls. In order to progress in the Action Shooter Part you have to clear certain events in the town.
Like the RPG version there is; the Bar, Trade Center, Mansion, Vagrants area,Hospital and the Hotel.
The Action shooter part is just about the same as Gunner's Broom, but it seems a bit easier. You can pick difficulty modes
from Easy to Hell in this game. (haven't tried the Hell one yet lol) There doesn't seem to be a big difference between the
Easy-Hard modes to me. While in the shooter part you collect gems and sushi(^_^) to gain points.
You are able to do special bomb attacks and have 3 different types of guns; Fire, Window Blast, and Sander. Also since
Run is with you, she can be used as an effective bomb to toss at enemies. Run has some secret bomb blast modes
as well. This game is game pad compatible (something they should have considered with the RPG D+Vine)

The character style is basically the same as the Rpg, but I've noticed a softer look to the characters than in the previous
game. Also the colors are alot more brilliant in comparison to the dull 256 color look D+Vine [Luv] had.
They all look alot cuter and smaller(girls have way less bust) and Hyde doesn't look as out of it.
During the ADV and Action parts the little sprite characters that show up are in a 3-D rendered format.

The music in the game is cute, it sounds like shooter music, pretty much ^_^.
Nothing to rave about however. Sounds are of bombs and gun blasts by enemies and Sakura.
There are some very minimal voices by Sakura during the Shooter part.

In a whole the game is pretty fun, nice art and will keep you busy for a little while.
I'd recommend it for D+Vine [Luv] and Shooter fans who'd like to see random pointless "H" pics while blasting baddies(lol)
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