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Name: Ashita no yukinojou (66.30% in 27 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Elf
Release date: 2001
Reviewed by: Ayanabi

After quite a while Elf releases another game. Its been a while for me with Elf. As a fan since 1990 I have to say I am one Loyal Fan!

Well Yukinojou is one of thoes games that does not belong in another series, unlike Doukyusei ofcourse. Yukinojou however LIKE almost all other adv games out there HAVE multiple endings. The H scenes usually comes at the END of the game. So thoes whould thinks otherwise please close that Order browser and rethink.

Difficulty level
The game is pretty simple not a whole lot of difficult parts. After all its Poing and Click. The only hard part is to pick which room do you want to go while at school. But ELF made sure that everyone knew, they even put up hints for ya! However you will have to know Japanese to play this game. The story it self is not that hard. So missing 20% of the plot is okay. You will still be able to finish it ofcourse.

Design and graphics
The console is quite simple but very to the point. The save anywhere load anywhere is really helpful. The graphics is by Elf but somehow i haven't seen this type of art a whole lot. Doukyusei might be cuter.

The most attractive point about this game is its story. After playing countless games i have noticed that Its either the Effects or the Story that makes a game top sell or no sell. Yukinojou's story is based on a really complex relashionship chart... You are in a boxing club and one day accidentally you knock your best friend into a veggie. Doing so the veggie's sister which is your first love befriends you and promised an all out hollywar against you. So to avoid further confrontations you decide to leave your place and hit up the next closest town. There you meet main character and the story of "koukouaijoumonogatari"(High School Love).

The rest of the plot varies depending on who do you chase after...

Overall ELF went a bit too extrem on making your life miserable. The story is a negative story so prepair lots of tissues to use when thoes tears start rolling.

Ζ’GΖ’β€ΉΖ’tβ€šΓŒβ€šΓβ€šΓ±β€šΓˆβ€šΒ³β€šΓ±β€šΒ²β€šΓŸβ€šΓ±β€šΓˆβ€šΒ³β€šΒ’ΒIΕ Gβ€œD–_β€šΒΆβ€šΓ‘β€šΓˆβ€šΒ’β€šΓ…β€šΒ·β€šΒ€β€šΒ€β€šΒ€β€šΒ€β€šΒ€β€šΒ€β€šΒ€β€šΒ€β€šΒ€β€šΒ€β€šΒ€β€šΒ€
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