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Name: Syusyusya - Collector (57.50% in 4 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Mink
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Gastalt

Mink targets the dress-up fetish in this game...

The main character, Kitada Yuji (you can change it) who works for a first-class
securities firm has a hobby...
...he loves to collect beautiful things. One day he is approached by a mysterious man that claims he collects beautiful girls as a hobby, and that he has the best collection so far. With that the mysterious man gives Kitada a large isolated mansion.
Seeing the house he murmurs..."I can create an even better collection if I stay here!"
Kitada can now create the collection of his dreams....a collection of beautiful girls!

Game Play/System:
During the beginning of the game you will leave your estate and roam around in the city to find beautiful girls,to
entrap/kidnap, and add to your collection(there are 3 girls). Your goal is to have the best girls for a competition that determines the girls' worth. The first girl you capture is a kind hearted co-worker named Yuuki.
The next girl is a cute idol named Marin(who's acts kind of like a spoiled kid at times)that you spot in a cake shop.
The third girl is a confident and wealthy woman named Emiko who is seen by you shopping in a clothing store in town.
After you have captured the girl(s), you will be able to "H" with her almost immediately.
Before this you can change her clothing (or at any time), pick the location on your estate where you and her will be, and what kind of "activity" to do (Mailny hard-core stuff). You can also have the option of talking to her, which can raise or lower her impression of you (depending on what topic you pick). Each day you pretty much do the same thing; you can pick a girl and "H" or go out to town(sometimes see random events).
You will see(many are set events that happen anyway)events of the girls on occasion depending on your status with her.
The "H" system is like that of Love Mate, Touch Me, and Mi da ra, where you are able to use the mouse to interact with the girls
during the h-scenes. There's also a chart where you will be able to check the stats of the girls. This game is very similar to Love Mate in the sense that it has very few text choices that you have to make. You can save any time during the game and view the CG
gallery before the game ends....which is a plus ^_^.

I loved art work in this game!! This artist did works for games like PeroPero Candy I&II, and Necopara.
It's some of the best art work I've seen in H-Games in a while. Not to mention the girls are VERY beautiful. Backgrounds and misc. objects are exceptionally detailed,and the Interactive animations during H scenes is an
added bonus to the great art work!!

Music/Sound/Voice Acting:
Music in the game is in Midi format, most of it is dark sounding music...some of it can get annoying.
It does match the games' tone however. There are very little sounds in the game except for noises during the kidnappings of the girls and objects you use during scenes. Since I'm not big on voice acting(and text skipped most of the dialogue) I can only say that there is full voice acting, the voices matched the characters respectively and were well done.(only female characters had voice acting)

Overall it's a great game for simulation fans, people who like to dress-up pretty girls, and see a variety of different scenes and situations.(LOTS of H pics)
Also there is very little text choices so it's easy for any non Japanese reader to play.
*If you are into softer genre games you may want to pass on this one.*
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