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Name: My Fair Angel (65.52% in 29 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Studio Ego!
Release date: 2001
Reviewed by: Gastalt

A very light-hearted cute fantasy sim by Studio E-GO!

The main male character (Teo) lives in an area where precious metals like Gold, Silver, and Ore are plentiful.
He works as a lab assistant to a scientist and practicing doctor named Sheila who is also his adoptive mother in a way (she took him in since he didn't have any parents).
He is inexperienced in most things so this is the only meaningful work he can find.
Sometimes he helps her take care of sick patients that come in. These days People don't show up often and he gets bored.
One day Sheila tells him about a Homun cross experiment that she wants to try.
In order to do this Sheila needed some of his "DNA" (not blood or saliva either ^_^;)
and he was a bit shocked by this, but caved in anyway. He goes to a room to give a "specimen" to create the Homun cross and sees an envelope. Inside is a very silly but sexy picture of his teacher.
He used the picture to help but he'll keep it a secret. ;)
Days later the Homun cross is being raised in a culture solution. The Homun cross can breath and function perfectly fine in this liquid solution (Sound like Evangelion??).
The tank is like that of the mother's womb and will give birth to the Homun soon.
Though the cross will behave like a human it develops twelve times the speed of a normal human.
Teo is told that he'll have to make the Homun cross rest more than a normal human because it will exhaust very easy.
One week passed and the Homun has developed into a very pretty girl with pastel white hair and milky white skin.
This is his new daughter, who he names "Meivu" (Name can be changed).

Game Play/System:
The main game play in the game will be in Teo's home.
He will live with his daughter and can create a schedule for her. The commands aren't very complex.
During the first phase (The girl has 3 phases) the girl will stay in the tank and all you can do is talk to her or get her to read a book.
In the second phase she is able to stay outside the tank and walk around, take books off the shelf and read, clean, and just act silly (Its very fun to watch).
There are several different movements and facial expressions to show how she is feeling and what activity she is performing (on the bust and character sprites).
She will lose energy as she does every thing so you will need to let her take naps as her energy goes goes down.
You can save during almost anytime of the game, but if you save the game in the evening part of a day it will still load the game from the beginning of that day.
During the third phase she will be able to do everything that she could in the first and second phase, but will also be able to go outside.

For the outside part of the game, there is a large world map and you can choose how far you want to go.
There is also a clock that will be in the corner of the screen that tells you how long it will take for you to get to your destination and back.
While out you can find minerals (Gold, Ore, Silver or just rocks) that you can use to make rings, rubies and other valuable things to get money.
The only reason you need money is to buy special items for your daughter to help her learn. (or just buy her a nice gift.... especially if she is angry with you.)
There are also little animation's during the search outside (just for amusement).
Sometimes you will encounter a bear or boar at random (the guy/girl will beat the bear/boar up or get chased).
There is also a cute animation when either character finds something valuable.

Depending on how you raise the girl she will become one of 3 types; Active; (Has high physical strength and loves to go outside),
Normal; (Can do the average stuff), and Mild; (Not very active but smart).
There are also 3 different times of day in the game; Morning, Afternoon and Night.
During the day Meivu will be able to perform a few tasks, Reading (either a book you choose or one that she likes) going out to look for minerals, take a nap (to restore energy) and help you make new chemicals and minerals. In the evening she will be able to eat dinner, read a book, take a nap and she can still help you make minerals.
At night there are very few options, and if she isn't prompted, (you always have to prompt her to make her do things) which
you do by clicking the screen, she will simply go to bed (or otherwise go about her business).
You can either prompt her to go to bed before the scheduled time, (you can set how many hours she will sleep during the day) and get her to take a shower.
You and her can go to bed together if you wish or you can let her sleep alone.
If you make her go to bed early at night you can have the option to "H" with her.
There are lots of different positions and stuff, like in any other H-game that you and her can do (nothing that will go toward her stats much).
You can only "H" with her in phase 2 and 3.

There are two other girls that you will meet in the game; Erin and a very cute gift shop owner named Hannah. (There isn't much info on her).
Erin is the daughter of a workmanship store owner.She is really close to her father because her mother died when she was young.
She met you and Sheila when her and her father moved to the town and they (Sheila, Teo and Erin) treat each other kind of like brothers and sisters.
Erin also lost her older sister, which makes her even closer to you (you will even be able to take Erin out on mineral hunting dates with you).
There will be a few other misc. characters that you and Meivu will run into along the
Also, Meivu will meet a male Homun cross in the forest one day.... (a very cute one ^-~).

The art work in this game is excellent! The characters (mainly Meivu) have very expressive faces and are very well drawn! The character sprites for Meivu are so cute! I would have really loved the game to have
more of a graphical interface, (most options are text based) but the animated expressive and plain cute sprites make up for it!!
The art style is the same but something is slightly different about it. Looks very good though ;)!

Music/Sound/Voice Acting:
The music is very good as expected and there's a nice opening theme called "Thank you for your love" (Which I also liked!).
There are alot of little sounds that you could possibly miss if you have voice or music (PCM or CDDA) turned up too high.
There are sounds to almost all of the sprite actions; Sweeping, Running water, turning pages, etc.
There are also sounds during H scenes... (body noises ^_^;) If you played the Blood Royal games by Cherry Soft you are familiar with this new sound type in the games.
I'm normally not much into voice acting but since I know a little (I do mean little) Japanese, I can figure out what Meivu doing/feeling.
The voice acting is a nice touch to the game overall ^_^

I really like this game and found it very easy, fun and addicting!!
For any fans of Studio E-Go! games!!
If you like a game with a fun game play system, voice acting, nice art, multiple endings and has tons of items to collect and make (kinda like in D+vine Luv) try this
Also this game is easy to play without Japanese knowledge!

Game Features:
Full voice acting for females
CDDA or PCM music
Vocal opening theme (Link to WMA of the song from Studio E-Go!'s site)
Full screen or Windowed Resolution
Animated character sprites, busts and eye catches.
Sounds for training & H elements.
3D capabilities(?)
Text skip and Training part speed-up (Ctrl key)
Movie OP/ED
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