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Name: Utawarerumono (83.33% in 15 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Leaf
Release date: 2002
Reviewed by: MaxAE86

This is the famous LEAF's year 2002 game. As you can quickly see, it takes place in an alternate world similar to ancient Japan/China. The main character is a man who lost his memory and he wakes up at a unfamiliar village. There he meets a girl called Eruru, her family, and friends. The man is given the name, Hakuoro, and soon becomes an important member of the villagers himself. However, the local landlord was a cruel man... One day an unjustifiable incident occurs and Hakuoro stands up to lead the villagers. Even after the landlord was defeated, the war extends to other countries and soon becomes a battle which may affect the whole world!

The game is basically divided in two sections. The novel part and war simulation part. The Novel part is basically where you converse with all the characters and progress the story. Although in the novel part you get to choose where you want to go, the game has only one route of story so you don't have to worry about anything.

The war simulation part is full of action and requires strategy. It's a typical turn based where you move all your characters once each turn and attack the enemies within the range. The characters can do combos by clicking the mouse at the right timing, and even do awesome special techniques later on. Although it doesn't go as far as where you can use items, there is a level up system where you can customarize your character's offense, defense, and special. The only time you get a game over in this game is if you lose this war simulation.

This game has one of the most attractive Female AND Male characters! Not to mention the character design are by Tatsuki Amaduyu and Misato Mitsumi. They are really the kind of characters you want in a fantasy RPG style game such as this one. For example, the wreckless but brave two handed swordsman Oboro and sympathetic Eruru who excels in knowledge about herbs.

If you like "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" this is the game for you! The drama between people and between countries... The game does a great job at pulling you into a its unique world, and I think that's what is important for an story. I also recommened it if you like Nakoruru from Samurai Spirits (^-^) Most of the story is feudal war, but still the base of it tries to define the tie between man & nature... and yes, most importantly the romance between the heroines and the stunning outcome! (hint: The title of this game translates to, "The one who is sung")

This game is fun! Just when you are getting tired of the novel part, the battle part begins, vice versa. The difficulty level of the battle is just about right and things should go smoothly. There isn't any horrible flag for the novel part either. I think you can get all the H and CG scenes in one play. Moreover, I think this is my first Hgame where I never skipped any of the text!

All the CG scenes are quite appealing and they are literally ready to be used as Windows Wallpaper just as it is. The novel part is one thing, but I also want to say a great job to the people who designed the 3D battle field and character chips! This game also has a cool animated OP!

The music and sound effects matches perfectly with the story setting. The vocal theme and ED songs are sweet as well. Although... this game would have been perfect with voice, espcially in the battle part.

This game, in my view, is a great game with little to no problem. A fantastic original story, attractive anime characters, and battle scenes all tied together with a friendly gameplay. It also means if you're looking for a seriously challenging war simulation or date simulation with several endings, this isn't it. But if you avoided this game just because it didn't look like the other LEAF games or your normal love adventure, think again.

Thanks for reading, hope it helps.
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