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Name: Yuki no Tokeru Koro ni... (70.00% in 6 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Studio Ego!
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Yang Sei Fu

Continuing their run of great creations including "My Fair Angel" and "Izumo", Studio e.go! continues its run with a romantic ADV game (Commonly known as a Visual Novel), staging in the wintery scene of Hokkaido, north Japan. The game "Yuki no Tokeru Koro ni... (As it thaws...)" features the player as a young, talented doctor "Hoshino Masato"(Note Lastname-Firstname). Dr.Hoshino (you) is transferred from central Japan to the New Hokkaido General Hospital, where he reunites with his underclassman (or woman, should I say), Mikage Ayumi, and academy days nemesis, Shinowara Tsukasa. As a doctor in the late 20's (he is 28 years old), he faces the trauma situations of the E.R. (Emergency Room) and treats his own clique of long-term patients.
Every successful man must have his woman behind him, and Masato's wife, Hoshino Mizuki, supports him in every way.

Life seems to be the usual...or is it? In this foreign part of Japan, covered in snow and ice, what will happen to Masato and his surroundings?

Story --- 8.5/10. Although studio e.go! is known for comparatively cheap storylines, this game has an excellent storyline with very traumatic scenes. Supported with its beautifully done 3D rendered effects, it is just beautiful.

Graphics --- 9/10. Great stuff with 3D layers. The matte backgrounds are very smooth, and the characters blink very realistically.

Music --- 9/10. According to mood, the music fits perfectly with its selection of piano, voice and techno/jazz.

Voice --- 10/10. Full voice (including males), and as a e.go! feature, the H-scenes are...very descriptive by its audio aids.

Language Difficulty --- 6.5/10. This game features the medical field, so some vocabulary is hard to understand without extensive knowledge in Kanji. However, it has a feature to turn on Furigana (small hira/katakana on top of Kanji) and aid the player in reading/understanding. This has greatly lowered the rating (which is good).

Overall --- 8.5/10. A must-get game for diehard and not-so-diehard people for VNs. However, make sure you have a good computer with J-Win, or else it might not work/work efficiently, especially when the snow falls...

OMAKE --- Characters --
Man in glasses=Shinowara Tsukasa (Player's nemesis)
Man without glasses=Hoshino Masato (Player)
Ponytail=Mikage Ayumi (Underclassman)
Woman in shawl=Hoshino Mizuki (Player's wife)
Girl with chicken doll=Ueda Satomi (Masato's patient)
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