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Name: Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber (62.27% in 22 votes)
Type: NVL
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Peach
Release date: 2000
Reviewed by: Ryuujin

Water closet is an second game in a fetish serie from the japanese company Will and is released in english by Peach princess.
The first game in the series was condom.
and then came water closet.

I have read many other reviews by this game, and everybody seems to unlike this game. but i enyoyed it very mush. i think that everybody dislike it beacuse of its main theme, Peeing. but i don't see a problem with that. there is atleast one pee sceene in mostly of all hentai games/manga/anime. so why should it be a problem to look at anime girls who is peeing. personaly i think that its pretty erotic to see a girl pee. now about the game.

the games story is about five girls.
with five problems.
first we have Ikumi a collegestudent who i peeing her pantys when she is around too many peaple.
Then we have Reika a porno-model who is scating when she is taking a photoshot.
and then.
Then Julyne a nurse who is spilling out ikumis urine on the floor and have to find some new urine.
And Shouko who must pee but can't find a toilet so shee try to pee on the floor in the elevator.
then the last one Setsuko, who is a younger girl that is using tampoons for the first time.

Tha game is an multiending game wich means that you have to finnish it with one girl and the with another girl and then finish it with the first one again to get all her hentai sceenes.

There is some hours of gameplay but i think that it is a little bit to short. there could have bin some more hentai sceenes.

The japanese voices are great,
And the music sound very good.

The graphic is very nice drawn and it is an uncensored game. but the is one thing that is iritating me, The pee streems is coming out from the leg an not from the vagina.but this is only in some pictures.

This game is worth playing trough if you enyoy peeing.but if you don't then i will you should play snow drop or something.
But i like to see them pee.(bhhhhuuuu! want to see a real girl pee)
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