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Name: Viper F40 (72.56% in 86 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Sogna
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

Although the name of Viper game maker is spelled as Sogna in English, it was actually pronounced as "So-Ni-A." Viper F40 was Sogna's first "F" series to be released on Windows 95 system. It is so far one of their largest production in term of MB. Compare to the previous series where the size range from 20 MB to 60 MB, F40's 180 MB was obviously big. With these extra 120-MB, the games have more voice dialogue, more animations, and improved plot.

The story of F40 begins when police are undergoing a series of investigation of missing people. Lilia, who's the main official responsible for the case, begins a series of search for clues on where all these people went. However, after a thorough investigation, Lilia was still not been able to find a slight clue on the missing people. Frustrated by the case, Lilia decides to ask her best friend, Raika, for help. Although Raika is managing a detective office, work seldom comes. With no work at hand, Raika decided to help her friend and begins her investigation for the missing people as well. As Raika begins her searching for clues, her assistant's safety was soon threatened. Sheila, Riaka's assistant, was kidnapped during her visits to the medical center. The next day, Lilia received a DVD in her office, which revealed Sheila died from heart failure when she was raped. This incident puts Raika in madness. She begins with a deeper investigation with her old colleague hoping for revenge. As she goes deeper into the investigation, she will realize what really cause the incident.

Viper F40 has overall improved a lot over previous titles released by Sogna. In term of graphics, they have added more animation to the game. There are a lot of animations that you would feel that you are watching an anime instead of playing a game. F40 have more colors, the characters are carefully drawn and detailed, and (most importantly) better H-scenes. Although the H-scenes seem short compare to the whole game length and all of them are rape scenes, it was inevitably nice to enjoy them.

The gameplay was still simple as counting numbers. I don't know why, but Sogna has made this game a linear story line. Unlike the previous releases, F40 does not have multi-ending. You will just play it to the end by constant clicking along with few places for choice selection.

In this Viper game, story was improved tremendously over its predecessors. The story was many times longer than the older viper games. It will probably takes you about two to three hours to complete the game. Compare to the 40 minutes for the previous games, F40 was surely an improvement. However, as an avid player who long for addictive story, I felt F40 still lacks a well develop and attractive story. Although it has improved, I still feel there are something missing in its story.

Almost every word you see in game dialogue box you will hear voice. Except few words that were used for selecting choices, all dialogued are voiced. Like the previous games, it once again uses midi for music. You will hear a lot of similar music in F40 that are from its predecessor. One of the most noticeable music is probably the Viper GTS intro music. When I first play F40, I thought it was some sequel to Viper Gts.

-- GTO 7.29.98 -
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