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Name: Viper F50 (67.50% in 56 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Sogna
Release date: 1999
Reviewed by: Tamahome

Everybody should be pretty familiar with Sogna's viper seris by now, so I will just doa brief description of what viper games are. Basically viper games are animated adventures.There are scenes in the game that are animated and gamers play this game for the animation, cause there are absolutely no gameplay in these games. With the exception of Viper CTR, mostof the Viper games have very weak plots and relatively short.

I will now do a breif review of Sogna's newest game, Viper F50. Basically this game is an extension of a story in Viper V12. The future Cop, Raybun story. Basically after the first encounter with the monsters, the world is quiet again as Raybun searches for the monster's hideout to finish them off once in for all. The game takes a strange twist after a human girlwho Raybun saved try to kill him. Raybun was saved by another cop, named Shine. The storythen goes on. I won't spoil the ending for all of you cause there is only one ending in the game,which is not typical of viper games. So basically the game is very linear, and there is nothingyou can do to end the game prematurely. So playing this game is actually reading thru a storyand reading the scenes. The game takes around 1-2 hours of gameplay depending on how fast youread the text of the game, or if you read the text at all.

I won't give any ratings for this game, instead I will try the pros and cons method with this game.

PROS: practically none. The animation is few and bad quality, however some of the art work has improvedfrom other viper games.

CONS: There are a lot of cons with this game. There are no gameplay whatsoever, and the fight scenesare too long. It takes 12 animation hits to finish off the enemy. I got bored just watching the same aniamtionover and over again. The only maze part of the game is easy to play, and there are nothing you can do wrongto die in the game. I wouldn't even call this a game. I call it a visual novel :)

RECOMMENDED TO: I would recommend this game to viper fans or h gamers who doesn't feel like playing a game with any challenge at all. Or if you just want to complete the collection of vipers :).
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