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Name: Viper V16 (71.11% in 90 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Sogna
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

With so many releases of Viper series, Sogna has once again made another Viper game for Windows 95. This hyper animation game has so many series that you might be able to account them using your ten fingers. With so many releases, game fans should expect higher quality of graphics in every release. This time Sogna has included two stories inside Viper V16: Rise and Imagine.

In Rise, the main character is a waitress called Akira. Akira and two of her friend, Saki and Karin, was working in the restaurant one day. All of the sudden, three strange creatures came and kidnapped them for the purpose of preventing the 'ground people' from extinction. The three girls were kept in a cell for the use of reproduction. When the three were left alone in the cell, the three began to plan a way to escape. The main goal in this story is to try to escape from becoming a machine to produce children for the ground people. Whether you will be successfully escape depends on which path you choose and whether you won the battle or not (Yes! It's multi-path and there's an RPG type of fighting).

In Imagine, the main character is a student in a vocational school. The main character goes to school and meets three girls in different rooms. One girl is trying to become a professional for dubbing. Another girl is majoring in music production that seemed to be very carefree and optimistic. The third girl is a good buddy of yours who major in mechanical [engineering]. The main character or you goes to school everyday talks to the three girls and goes to class. In the end, you will ended up with one of the three girls and have fun with her.

Overall, Viper V16 is a vast improvement over the previous Viper series. The graphics are very nicely drawn and animated. Unlike Viper V8 or V10, it's a true multi-ending game. Depending which path or command you choose, the endings will vary. In Rise, you will end becoming a 'pet' or goes back to your normal life depending on your choice of route. In Imagine, you will end up with different girls depending on whether you decide to work hard or not (I know it's kind of weird). The only disappointed part is the story. There aren't many details about you and the girls in Imagine if you compare it with games like To Heart, Dokyusei, Tokimeki Memorial, and many more. However, this game would still be good if you just wanted to watch the H-scenes. After all, this is "hyper animation series."


Graphics - 8.5/10 The graphics are comparable to many great games released. The best part of the game is the animated scenes. You got to see it to believe it yourself.
Story - 5/10 Like the previous series, Viper V16 lacks a decent story. The background and details of each character is rarely given in the two games.

Gameplay - 3/10 You might realize that I gave this one a little higher than the previous two Vipers I have reviewed. This is due to the fact that I feel it has a little more gameplay than the previous one. In Rise, is has a more in-depth fighting. You can choose between kick, punch, jump, and combo kick, punch, jump to fight the enemy.

Music - 6/10 Like before, there aren't too many good midis out there for computer games. However, Viper's voice really did a decent job. The repetition sound doesn't really sound it's repeating and you won't really get bored by the screaming sound. You should be able to enjoy the voice too.
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