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Name: Virtual Call 2 (74.00% in 5 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Fairy Tale
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

If you guys have been playing games that always boot up or shut down with a logo of maple leave with "ADM" on the maple, you should not be unfamiliar with the company that created the Virtual Call series. Virtual Call 2 is the second installment of the original Virtual Call (of course!!). The graphic was an improvement over the original Virtual Call as well as its story and game play.

Virtual Call 2 starts as you, Kunihiko Hasegawa, just bought a VHG (Virtual HeadGear) system. The Virtual HeadGear allows you to communicate with your senses (feel, touch, visual, smell, and auditory) through network access. Although you have bought the new VHG system, unfortunately, you're still missing access to the network and a card. Without them, you cannot communicate with others and meet girls (that are your goals). While you're in your thought of getting the network access, you found your old time neighbor's daughter, Emily, appeared in your room. You jumped out of your bed and asked her why she's in your room. After a short conversation (she asked you to be her temporary boyfriend), you will get equipment called Virtual Call from her. Using Virtual Call, you will now have access to the network and talk to girls.

Now, you will be able to communicate through VHG. When you logon, you will find an access number to reach Emily and a number to Virtual Call center. You will be able to find out that Virtual Call center is a place where you can meet different girls. First, you will meet Wendy, Virtual Call operator. Then, Wendy will connect you with three girls first. After a short chatting, you will be able to talk to one of the three girls individually depending on your selection of choices of the dialogue. Sometimes, if you had some real bad talk, the girls will disconnect you. Your main goal here is try to get the access number so you will be able to call them directly and arrange a date.

Virtual Call focuses more on dating girls. You will be able to learn many aspects of the girls' personality, hobby, habit, and their life.


Graphic-7/10 Good graphic and the girls are cute, but they are not visually stunning. I have seemed some picture of the 3rd installment and I think it is a lot better than the 2nd installment. So if you like the story but don't like the slight low-grade graphic, I recommend you to get Virtual Call 3 instead of this one then.

Story-7/10 Cool story. It's like you're trying to meet a new girl at school. You would start asking what their hobby is and tell them many jokes. Then, after you get to know her more, you would asked her on a date.

Gameplay-5/10 Same old multi-choice command. Depend on what you have chosen, you will meet different girl every time you logged onto Virtual Call center.

Music-??/10 I cannot rate the music in the game, because I never had a chance to hear the music. I played on my old computer and it doesn't have a sound card on it, so...

Please email me here if there is any false information or a rating for the music on Virtual Call 2. Thanks.
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