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Name: Desert Island Story X (90.00% in 3 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: PinPai
Release date: 1995
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

If you thought a fun adventure game has long gone or never existed, maybe youhave not tried Desert Island Story X (Ujintoo Monogatari X). There are many adventuregames being made, and yet very few them contain decent gameplay. However, you will findupstanding gameplay in Desert Island X that you have probably not experienced before.Desert Island Story will take you to a world with unsolved mystery that you need touncover...

The story behind Desert Island is that you and six other people (allgirls) have been anesthetized and brought to an uninhabited island. You woke up from theanesthetic and found you and your sister is on an uninhabited island somewhere in thePacific. You and your sister have no clue on how you two got on the island. However, youhave soon found a radio inside a hut on the beach. From the radio, you are given theinformation that you and six other people have been transported to this island under theexperiment called "J Project." The company conducting this experiment hasinformed you that you will have three-month to uncover the secret of J Project. From hereon you will begin your exploration of the island to uncover the secret of J Project andgather up girls.

As you explore around the island, you will soon find other girls thatare facing the same fate as you have faced. One of the girls will be murdered before youcan control her; thus making only six people you can control. While you explore theisland, you will find that the island was pretty safe except a mysteriousmulti-personality man that can harm your party. This man has different names as hispersonality changes. If one of your party members met him and talked to him while in hisevil personality, she life (HP) will drop.

In Ujintoo, you will control six people including yourself in threegroups. Each group will be able to explore the areas on the island separately. In thebeginning, you will only able to control one party with about 15 days of food and wateravailable. As you progress through the game, you will be able to more girls to join yourparty and find some equipment that allows you to carry water and food.

What makes Ujintoo fun is the management of the food, exploration, useof the equipment, and your party's vitality. In some area, you will need to exploreseveral times before you can get something that will help you in the game. In some area,only equipping some specific equipment will let you to explore the area. Also, if yourparty member's vitality is too low, she will die which makes your exploration of theisland difficult.

Ujintoo Monogatari X is a great game to play. The mysterious atmospheresurrounding the island and the multi-personality man creates a great effect for playingthe game. The management of the food, exploration, equipment, etc. makes this gamechallenging. However, there weren't many H-scenes in this game. If you are looking forgreat H-scene games, Ujintoo might not be the best choice for appreciating the art.


Graphic - 6/10 As I stated before, there aren't many H-scenes in thisgame. However, the graphics are considered to be excellent. The girls in the games arebeautiful. The way you will see H-scenes in this game is by going to some area of theisland at the right time and place.

Gameplay - 8/10 This game is hard, but fun to play. Your game virtuallyends when one of your members died since you will lose one party to control with.

Music - 6/10 The music is dramatic. When you faced that evilpersonality of the man, the music will change to an intense rhythm. There are voices inthere as most new games do.

Story - 8/10 The setting in the story is very interesting. You will notknowing anything at all in the beginning, thus making you wants to know more. As youprogress, you will eventually discover who this multi-personality guy is and what theJ-Project really is.
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