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Name: Tactical Fighter (45.00% in 2 votes)
Type: STG
Platform: SATURN
Company: Media Rings Corp
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Hq9

Tactical Fighter by Media Rings Corporation is an ultra cool living simulation,strategy and sorta dating game, This unique game incorporates key elements from each of those game genres which adds up to one very addictive game. Tactical Fighter is easily one of the best games for the Saturn.


Koshiro Sazaki is one of the greatest martial artists in Japan. Dyugaaru, a rival and leader of the "Dark Society" has kidnapped Koshiro in an attempt to learn the legendary "Dragon Illusion Fist" which only Sazaki is skilled with. Hitomi Sazaki, Koshiro's 15 year old daughter is determined to find her father. Every year Dyugaaru's Clan holds the Grand Prix S Mega Fighters Tournament. The tournament is the only link Hitomi has to ever seeing her father again. Hitomi needs to fight in the tournament and defeat Dyugaaru to rescue her father.

You play a "Naoto" which is basically a "corrector" or I'll just coin the phrase "director". You are also a student of Sazaki's, so you want your sensei back. Your task over the next three years is to train Hitomi to become a champ. This isn't going to be easy tho. The main objective, after the third year to power up Hitomi strong enough to win the Tournament and rescue her father.


You are in control of Hitomi's life schedule. What her job will be, what she eats, what she trains, days off, when she rests, when she takes vacations, who she meets, what she studies, what skills she learns etc etc.. Every week you plan out her schedule. Depending on what she does her stats will go up or down. There are over 30 categories for Hitomi's statistics, which include beauty, stress, scholarship, strength, luck etc. One important status is stress. If Hitomi is stressed out she will fail at an activity, gain more stress, and not gain any bonuses on statistics or not gain any money for working.

This game is a strategy game because you have to strategically schedule Hitomi's life to be strong enough to finally beat Dyugaaru. It's a living simulation because you have to deal with everyday life situations for a teenage girl which include money and stress management, schooling, glamour, and working. Tactical Fighter is also a semi-dating game, as you will eventually fall in love with Hitomi while you live together. Hitomi is a very beautiful, optimistic, and sensitive indivdual.


Graphics = 18/20. This game has beautiful character designs. Hitomi, her rivals, and helpers are all very well animated. Anime stills display the story. During the work, training, and fighting scenes very cute SD characters are used to display the action. There is also a nice FMV introduction.

Music= 6/10 The opening song for Tactical Fighter, sung by Hitomi is very good, so is the main theme while playing. However thats basically it for music. This is its only weak point.

Funfactor = 19/20 This game delivers extremely addictive action. The many possible outcomes and your interaction with Hitomi her interaction with the other characters, and playing with stats, makes this game incredibly fun and will have you hooked.

Replay Value = 18/20 Depending on how you mold Hitomi between the three years, the endings will always differ, which add to a complex number of combinations of what you make her do. Therefore, this game can easily be played over and over and over again.

Originality = 10/10 Tactical Fighter is one of a kind. I have never played a game that was a three in one genre.

Play = 10/10 I loved how this game progressed. Hitomi would have to accomplish one feat to be able to get to the next level. Master one style or subject to get another.

Omake = 7/10 There is a very nice picture gallery of Hitomi in her many occupational uniforms and music and sound test. The voice acting is very good


Tactical fighter scores an 88/100. This title is of superior quality because of its addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics, talented voice acting, and most importantly it is very fun. Don't let the under 90 score I gave it discourage you. Thats how it just comes out on my rating system, where the music of the game really killed it. And you don't play a game just for music...
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