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Name: Taxi Strange World Act 2 (100.00% in 1 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Sorciere
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

Although it might be a little outdated by now since the game is pretty easy and there's a game patch made by Lamuness, I'll still give some story and comments about this game for people who has not yet play the gam or did not bother to read the story or maybe cannot understand the story.

The game consists of three stories taken place in your taxi car. The story first begins with you sleeping in the taxi, and all of the sudden a teenage girl gets into your car. However, you remembered that you have locked up your door. You became suspicious about the girl. You will begin to suspect that she might not be human at all. At the end, you will realize who she really is. If for some reason you got the good ending, you will enter the second story. In the second story, you are driving in a middle of a snowstorm and see a girl waiting in the woods. You stopped your taxi and gave her a ride. Like the previous story, you will suspect her identity. Then, in the third story, you will meet a mature lady who you later realize that she killed her husband.

After you beat the game or used the patch, it will become a user-defined game. In other word, you get to customize the girls you are having fun with to some extent. At the beginning of the game, you will be asked what kind of girls you would like: teenage girl, girl at your age (which I believe that means around 18), or a mature office lady type. After that you will also be able to customize the setting of where you want to start your story. Then, you will transform into the strange world of taxi driver where you, the taxi driver, will encounter some strange incidents with the girl that boarded your taxi.

Depending on what you have chosen at the beginning of the game, the settings and the characters will be different. There are nine possible stories that you can begin with. There will be three girls, and each with three different kind of story background. For some reasons, by putting few options of what to say or do in the game, the game maker was able to create more than 40 endings in this game (don't ask me how they did it, but it just exist).

Overall, this is only a mediocre game. The game is short, but the text speed makes this short game really long. What's even worse is that you cannot bypass the text what so ever. If you want to see all the CG, it makes the situation even worse. You basically have to play this over 9 times at least to get only few CG pictures (good thing that Lamuness made a patch for it, save people a lot time). The graphics is somewhat poor compare to the recent Jwin95 graphics. This game might only be tried but not recommended if you feel you really need some H-game to play and it doesn't cost you anything to try except few minutes of internet connection and 5 Mb of HD space.


Graphics -4/10 The graphics does not look as flashy as the recent games released. The game lacks a decent amount of colors used and it seems to me that the game maker did not spend time trying to make enough pictures to keep game players happy. However, the girls does look fine and you might be able to enjoy the girls for few seconds and then you would go on.

Story - 5/10 The story is simple. You, the taxi driver, encounter some strange incident with some girl. The stories are short, but some stories are somewhat enjoyable to read. You can start in different settings with each girl, which kind of makes it unique to play with.

Gameplay - 3/10 There are not much gameplay in this game, and the multi-ending makes the game even worse. There is no point to get all 42 endings for the fact that many of the CG and story repeat. True, the multi-ending makes the game hard, but it would be rare for people to beat the game just to read all the text in the game (I'm sure you will get all CG before you get all 42 endings).

Music - 4/10 The music is not too bad to hear. It kind of enhances the mood in the game. Maybe the BGM can actually help you to play this game a little longer.
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