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Name: Three Sisters' Story (87.93% in 58 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Jast/Tiara/Purple
Release date: 1990
Reviewed by: Gohan


Taking place in modernized Japan, A young school boy by the name of Koichi Sanada has to make a difficult decision. It all started when his father lost everything and commited suicide. Koichi's Mother was forced to carry on but couldn't do it. She was buried a year after. Years have passed, now Koichi is living allright, thanks to his older Brother, Eiichi. Eiichi has come upon great money, and took care of his younger Brother. He has given Koichi a good place to live. However this was all part of the plan. You see, right next door lives the Okamura Sisters. Their Father was the cause of all the problems that have arised. Since the incident, Eiichi has sworn to get revenge for the pain and suffering that was caused.

You play the role of Koichi, and is supposedly spying on the Okamura Sisters. You are to report back to your Brother Eiichi. This seemed an easy task, but there was one problem. You fell in love with one of the Sisters, and thus begins your adventure.

Well Basically, you pick and choose your way to the end trying to save the 3 sisters. Whether you fail or succeed is up to you. You will encounter other girls who may need your help. You are the only one who can protect the 3 Sisters from the vengeful Eiichi, who will stop at nothing to avenge the death of his Father. The Story plot is interesting, I've played this game a couple of times from the begining. I had to, it wouldn't let me save. Its funny, but true. Anyway, Truthfully, i really didn't like this game that much. As you can tell from my ratings, you'll know why i didn't. I enjoyed the story but thats about it. When you read my ratings, please keep in mind that i'm only one person. Others will see it differently.


Graphics - 6.5 If you are expecting great graphics, look elsewhere. Graphics are definitely not this game's strong point. They could have done much better. Although the graphics aren't spectacular i will give pity since it is an old release. So for graphics, i will have to give it a Six and a half.

Music - 5 This is the basic MIDI music you hear in most H-Games. As with most MIDI sequences in most games, it gets quite repetative. However, the music does fit the scene pretty well, and i guess thats a plus.

Gameplay - 7 As for gameplay, the way i see it, After a while, Point and Click isn't quite that fun and can really be a pain in the finger. Awaiting the Sex scenes can be tiring, but people will click that extra click just to see the upcoming sexual encounters, but what can you expect though, its a Hentai Game.

Overall - 6 Although this game has a decent story, the other aspects could have been worked on more. Graphics & sound are the two that i am a bit dissapionted in. Accepting the fact that this game is old, and i know that games have gotten much better in the passing years, i will have to give this game a 6.

I will not force anyone to purchase this game, because i don't recommend it. There are better ones in the market right now. However, i would advise you to look at other reviews and then make your decision based on your opinion only.
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