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Name: To Heart (71.40% in 50 votes)
Type: ADV
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Leaf
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Great Teacher

Spring, a warm season with hope and impulse.
Summer, a season with bright sunlight.
Autumn, a season that dyed with yellowish dawn.
Winter, a white season with snow.
And then, spring came.

You, Hiroyuki (first year high school student), are awakened by thealarm clock. "It's only 7:30," you thought, so you decided to lie on the bed forten more minutes. While lying on the bed, you began to wonder. All of a sudden, you hearyour doorbell that knocked you out of your thought. You looked at the clock, and realizedit's one pass eight O'clock. With a quick flex, you jumped out of your bed and dressed upfor school. Running down the stair, you will meet the girl you knew since childhood,Akari. You ask her not to call you "Hiro chan," because it is too embarrassing.After a long argument (or talk), you ended up staying in the same status as before (shegot too used to call you "Hiro chan" when they are still kids). From here on,you will go to school with Akari and meets up to 8 girls (including Akari) as time goesby.

In this game, you will have the time between the week before the end ofyour first year high school (March) to the time of the school field trip (usually aroundApril or May) to capture one of the eight girls' heart. In the end, you will end up with agirl in an unforgivable night. Who you end up with will be determined by whom you havetalked to the most and what dialogue you have chosen.

The story in this game is superb compare to many games out in themarket. To Heart contains a great details of every characters' background, personality,and hobbies. As you progress through the story in the game, you will reveal what thegirls' hobbies are, the relationship between you and the girls, and the sweet time youhave with the girls. To demonstrate my point, below are some character descriptions forthe some girls that you will encounter.

Akari - She is the girl you know since childhood. You have beenattending the same junior high school with her. Now, you are attending same high schooltogether. Unfortunately, you and Akari are separated into different classroom.

Bosho - She is the girl you know since junior high school. You, Akari,Bosho, and another friend are buddies since junior high. She is like an antenna in school,because no hearsay can escape her.

Kotone - She is an underclassman you will meet after the new schoolyear start. From Bosho, you heard that she has super natural power. However, many of herfriends called her bad luck girl. You heard that if you get too close with her, somethingbad will happen to you (of course, you won't believe that).

Overall, I consider To Heart as the best computer game that I have everplayed. Earning the reputation of the best soft of the year in Computic, To Heart is agame that must not miss.


Graphic - 10/10 The graphic is really stunning. The styles are similarto the two soft Leaf have released (Shizuku and Kizuato), but the quality way surpass theprevious two soft. To Heart's graphics are the best graphics I have seemed so far. No softseemed to be able to match with To Heart's graphics. I was especially drawn by theexpression of the girls in the game. Their expression will be changing from happy, worry,mad, shy, to embarrassing.

Gameplay - 6.5/10 The gameplay is the same old multi-choice textcommand. You will pick what you will go after school and go home with your desirable girl.If Leaf added some elements from Princess Maker or TokiMeki, this game could be even morepopular than now (but hey, this is only a Visual Novel right?).

Story - 9.5/10 Although the story seemed traditional about high schoollife, but the detail background and story between you and the girls really this gameenjoyable and fun to play. This game is filled with romantic story line. If you prefer alove story, this should be perfect for you.

Music - 9/10 The music in this game is really awesome. The theme songin this game made this game particularly stand out. The BGM is also the best BGM I haveheard so far in games. Just try some of the music sample on the left to see what I mean.
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