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Name: Tokimeki Drama 2 (81.00% in 10 votes)
Type: SIM
Platform: PSX
Company: Konami
Release date: 1998
Reviewed by: Tabris

As Konami mentioned in the summer of 1997 Tokyo Game show, (after the release of Tokimeki Drama Series vol. 1) Tokimeki Drama series vol 2. 's focus would be Ayako Katagiri. Maybe its me, but i found that all the characters in the Tokimeki Memorial series very nicely drawn and i really think that if it wasn't for this game, the concept of high school life games and "winning a girls heart" in MTCC would not occur so broadly in hgames. Back to the story, when i heard that Ayako Katagiri is going to be the main focus in drama series vol 2. i thought i was really lucky since my top 3 favorite characters (shiori, saki, and ayako) all have their own feature game now.

The game begins with a group of girls surrounding Takumi (one of the guitar players in the band). It turns out that he is really popular in school and especially with the girls. After that, you are quickly introduced to rest of the band members (including some introduction of yourself). Afterwards, you are indirectly introduced to Ayako Katagiri (because Takumi is talking to her and this other girl in the band tells you about her). Then the story starts with a walk through high school, after school then you go to practice, after practice you head home situation.

I can say this is a really nice game, a definite improvement in quality and story line over the ever so simple drama series vol 1.(not to mention this game is two cds and vol 1 is one cd only). There are many charcters introduced in this game that was in Tokimeki Memorial. Also, special events also happen. I find it really nice that there are some events really similar to Tokimeki Memorial. Also the 1st year soccer manager from Tokimeki Drama series vol 1. is also introduced in this game. So i find this a really nice combination of new characters and characters from different series in Tokimeki Memorial as well.

Also the BGM and digital voice are really nice as well. The only person that does not have a "voice" in this game is you. Even the minor characters have a digital voice as well. Although the opening screen is the same as drama series vol 1. i think i wouldn't get bored of that screen just yet. The opening screen's song is also one of my favorite game sound track song because it have a little bit of "cuteness" in the sound.

The gameplay is rather different than vol 1 though. Even though the policenauts' click, point, talk, look, action, and move, are still there, the mini game have tooken on a new perspective. (Of course this is relevent because the game changed from soccer to music). I find the mini game a little tedious. Is not only hard but it also needs a lot of coordination. Also besides the mini game there is also a part where you can write your own music and present it to the group. I liked this function a lot because you can pick how you want to write your song and what it should sound like.

Overall this game is a just a Drama series and that even though is really nice i think after the story is introduced to the player, there is no need to play it again. Even though i did play it again to see if there is a second ending but i cannot find another ending. If there is one you can let me know.
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