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Name: Toshin Toshi 2 (68.33% in 6 votes)
Type: RPG
Platform: WINDOWS
Company: Alicesoft
Release date: 1997
Reviewed by: Darklord

Toshin Toshi 2, which approximately translates into "City of Fighting God 2", is another great H-RPG brought to you by Alicesoft. With an interesting story set in the Rance world and innovative game play, this game was very popular in Japan last year. In fact, it was so popular as to have spawned its own anime OVA series, the first three volumes which are out already. (Anyone know where I can find them?)

Here, you take on the role of Shido, level 4 fighter extrordinaire who is traveling to the annual grand tournment at the City of Fighting God to prove himself. Our heroic lad is going there because of one person - Hatsuki, his childhood sweetheart. Hatsuki is the only daughter of Shido's sensei, and stands to inherit the family dojo. While Shido and Hatsuki are in love with each other, Hatsuki's father does not approve because he considers Shido too weak. So Shido struck a bargain with his sensei - win the tournment and gain Hatsuki's hand. Thus begins our adventure.

The tournment is very popular because each participant is required to bring a female partner, who acts as a prize in the tournment. (One wonder why Rance isn't here yet?) If the participant loses, he forfeit his partner to the whims of the victor for a day, which creates some very interesting situations - especially because Hatsuki is also at the tournment as the female partner of Shido's sempai.

Thus Shido is faced with a tough road ahead of him. He have to develop himself in the qualifier dungeon and advance through the tournment until he become the new Fighting God. Shido starts off as a fighter, but as the tournment progresses, he can become a holy knight or a magical fighter. And just when you thought the game was over because you won the tournment, Alicesoft springs a nasty surprise on you. After all, what is the purpose behind the grand tournment? Why is someone seeking the best fighter in the land? And what is the true fate of those who became Fighting Gods? All those questions will be answered as you guide Shido down the road to hell (literally!!!) all for the love of Hatsuki.

Gameplay - 9/10 - The game is filled with little things that made it novel. Aside from a detailed selection of armors and weapons, Alicesoft also peppered it with interesting features such as the ability to capture a female monster and have her fight for you (of course, you can do other things with her too). Additionally, the introduction of karma points also adds more fun to the game. Sure you can have Shido satisify his baser desires, but it will cost him in karma. And by the way, there IS payback down the road. Finally, the Angel Eater character class combined with karma presented some tough choices. Afterall, is H-pictures and power-ups together worth the cost in karma points? That is for you to decide as you guide Shido's destiny through hell and back.

Story - 8/10 - Good story. Various side stories and mini-quests keep the game engaged throughout. Hatsuki was particularly very well developed as a character who's not afraid to fight for what she loves. Her love for Shido and the length she's willing to go for it stands out as a centerpiece of the game. Additonally, Shido's dreams of Hatsuki as they were growing up were quite touching, especially since they usually happen when he's in the depth of despair. I guess in a way, Toshin Toshin 2 is the love story between Shido and Hatsuki.

Graphic - 7/10 - The character designs are very nice, and the graphics are quite decent. Although it is not as good as the later Alicesoft products such as Beastking Rance or Bunny Goes Home, it is still good enough to be very engaging. And as far as H-scenes are concerned, there is alot of it to go around. So if that's what you care about, this game will not disappoint you. All you got to do is win your tournment rounds . . .

Music - 8/10 - The music is very nicely done and fit the fighting game very well. It definitely keep me up until the wee hours of the morning hacking away.

Overall - 8/10 - Toshin Toshi 2 is definitely a worthwhile game to play if you are a RPG fan. The power-up and the story will bring hours of enjoyment. So you should definitely pick it up if you get the chace.
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