Except for Sundays, you will need to teach in school until 1pm. After that you can travel anywhere to talk to girls, visit the guild etc until 6pm, and each action will cost you an hour. You can use the guild to trade in your tokens into cash and view your battle status as well as the heroines'. You can go to the item shop and use your cash to buy items for battles at night. The library is there for you to research on info of enemies you have encountered. If you feel you have enough for the day and just want to jump right into the night, just go back home. However, note that at 5pm nobody will be in the hunters guild to trade in your tokens.


    At nighttime, you have from 9pm to 3am to do your hunting. Unlike in the daytime, you can only travel to adjacent areas of the town. Each action will cost you an hour of your time and every area you travel you will need to engage in a fight. This means that if you want to travel from one side of the town to another, make sure you travel the shortest distance to save time. Unless for special battles, you only have 3 turns to engage in a battle. If you lose or run away, you will be forced to go back to the preceeding area. If you win, you can go on. If you can stand for more than 3 turns, enemies will run away (??) and you can go on. Whichever the case is, it will cost you an hour of your time. At any time you can choose to end your hunting session and go right to sleep.


    All characters have the standard commands of fight, defense, item and run, simple as that. The top left shows how many turns you have left. The top right shows your HP. Above that is your partner's impression parameter (in pink) and her power gauge (in red). If the power gauge is full, you can unleash a combo attack with your partner. After that the power gauge will drop to where the love parameter stands. This means the higher the love parameter, the more frequent you can do a combo attack. After you defeat your enemy you will get experience points and tokens. Your level goes up by the enemy, rather than by the battle in many other RPGs. This means that don't be surprised if the next turn of the same battle your level goes up.


    The game consists of 4 weeks, or 28 days. If you cannot complete the game in 28 days it's Game Over. At the first week you can go after any girls you want. At the beginning of the second week the girls you didn't convince to be your partner will vanish completely. In addition, strong enemies that only appear in specific places will start to appear randomly everywhere at this point of time. Also, at the end of the second week you have to fight Kahlua (with your partner). At the start of the third week, only your true true most loved partner will remain. At this point, all new and stronger enemies will appear throughout town at night. At the forth week she will get abducted by Kahlua and you have to save her as well as preparing yourself for the final battle.

    For this reason, you cannot go after multiple girls at once in this game.

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