Occupation: Student
    Interest: Sleeping during classes
    Height: 167 cm
    Weight: 57 kg
    BWH: 84-58-82

    Iry is a student attending the school where Will teaches, and also one of Will's History students. Although not a very good student who always sleep during classes, she is a very active girl. Due to the extreme interest of being a hunter, Iry goes out at night as a magician and hunts down monsters. However, it is strictly against the school policies for any student to be a hunter...

    At the beginning of the game you should meet her as often as possible. At night when you are fighting solo on Day 2, visit the school and you will meet Iry (CG). After she recognizes you as the geeky history teacher and vice versa, from that time on, everytime after classes she will keep stalking on you. Later, she will convince you to take her with you at night as your partner.

    After that, make sure you see her all the time.
    • On Day 10 4pm, go visit the Coffee Shop (CG).
    • On Day 15 10am, go to school to visit the School Sports Festival (CG).
    • On Day 18 5pm, go to the bridge to have a semi-date with Iry (CG).
    • On Day 22 10am, go to the library with Iry (CG). After this Iry will get kidnapped by Kahlua who demands you to find the 3 crystals and find her.

    You can find the 1st crystal when you first fight Kahlua on Day 15. To find the other 2 crystals, go to all 3 of the following places: cemetry, school, and church and fight the bosses there. 2 of the 3 (it's random) will give you the crystals. After that, head to the church and defeat Kahlua and save Iry (CG). Note that if you do not defeat Kahlua before the end of Day 26 you will reach a bad ending with Iry (CG). After you save Iry, then go to the underground via the staircases at where the 3 bosses are to fight against the final boss. Please prepare some recovery items and Ice Crystals for this battle. If you cannot defeat the final boss by Day 28, it will be Game Over. After you defeat the final boss, sit back and enjoy the ending (CG).

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